This Media Narrative Didn’t Get A ‘Fake News Award,’ But Should Have

President Donald Trump presented his “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday night for 11 news stories that proved to be less than accurate, but there is one media narrative the White House left out.

For months, the media perpetuated a rumor the Trump administration would delete or take offline climate science data that was inconvenient to its agenda. That didn’t happen.

The narrative gained steam in late 2017. For example, Michael Halpern with the Union of Concerned Scientists, told Mashable in December that people “should take steps to ensure that they download what they need before the new administration steps in.”

Mashable had obtained a leaked Department of Energy transition team memo asking for “a list of all websites “maintained by or contributed to by laboratory staff during work hours for the past three years.” The website suggested national lab data “could be taken offline.”

Of course, the author of the Mashable article admitted his reporting was based on “inference” and not any steps the administration or transition team had taken. But it was too little too late.

The coverage sparked mass hysteria among climate activists and scientists. News outlets amplified fears Trump officials could take publicly-owned scientific data offline, and the coming months were filled with reports of government scientists being “muzzled” and references to “climate change” disappearing from websites.

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson even asked Wilbur Ross, then-nominee to head the Department of Commerce, if he would preserve science data and allow government scientists to publicly state their opinions.

Ross, who was eventually confirmed, said he supported the “dissemination of valid information to the public.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is housed in the Commerce Department.

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    Spurwing Plover


    A fake news to National Geographic Scietific American,the new York Pravda,Rolling Stone,Time,all those kids magazines that scare the kids with this Global Warming/Climate Change poppycock and those crack-pots from the Union of Concerned Scientists and lets pull the hands off their Doomsday Clock to

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    On the other hand, a newly proposed thermodynamics law has attracted wide condemnations from fast-readers online: “No device can generate energy in excess of the total energy put into constructing it”.

    Who said Science is not an evolving enterprise?

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      Looks like we can get rid of all those solar panels and wind mills eh???

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