The Strange Case of the ‘Hottest Ever’ Late August Bank Holiday

Yesterday morning, in eager anticipation of perhaps breaking yet another ‘hottest ever’ record on the last really hot day of the UK summer 2017 (there haven’t been many), the Met Office tweeted the following:

Alas, come the end of the day, we only managed 28.2C at Holbeach (which surprised me actually, because I’m only 7 miles from there and we barely managed 26C). This must have been pretty galling, missing a new Bank Holiday record by just two tenths of a degree. However, all was not lost. Revisionist Batman apparently came to the rescue at the last minute and the Met Office joyfully tweeted this yesterday late afternoon:

I saw this and thought, ‘what on earth. . . . ‘, or words to that effect, and promptly tweeted this:

Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Apparently, this was all a comms failure and the 28.3C record was unofficial and deemed to be ‘spurious’ and apparently, the person tweeting behind the official Met Office account didn’t know this and they went on to give the distinct impression that the 1984 record had been hastily revised, rather than the 1990 Cambridge record (not mentioned) being thrown out. I would say that was a pretty comprehensive comms failure to be honest.

Paul Homewood has written about it here. The Mail has splashed the news here so it’s now official and officially in the public consciousness – it’s been the hottest late August Bank Holiday evah! courtesy of one hot day in a summer that’s generally been pleasant but unimpressive and distinctly cool at times. Global warming innit.

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    Spurwing Plover


    According to some wackos the British Isles was suppost to be a series of teenie tiny islands by now but then at least according to Al Bore the ice caps would be gone by now and theres are still fools who beleive all his malarkey and read or listen to his idiotic poem

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    Science is a matter best left to scientists.
    Accept what you are told and act accordingly.

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