The Incredible Heat Of June 9, 1933

On this date in 1933, about three-fourths of the US had 90+ temperatures, with 100-degree temperatures into New England. Temperatures in the Midwest approached 110 degrees.

Google Earth

There is no trend in June 9 heat going back to 1895, with the two hottest years being 1933 and 1911.

June 1933 was the hottest June on record in the US.


You won’t hear any of this from government scientists because they are contractors who are paid to lie about CO2 warming. If they don’t, they get their funding cut off – as happened to Dr. Bill Gray.

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    Spurwing Plover


    1933 was long before SUV’s air conditioners and many products we have today and long before DiCaprio,Gore,David(Luarie)Suzuki,Obama,Travolta,Prince Chucky, and many of the eco-wackos was born

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