The Incomprehensible Heat And Drought Of August 1936

The heatwave of August 1936 was beyond the comprehension of any American under the age of 80 years old.

20 Aug 1936, Page 32 – The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune

The Kansas City area finished the year with 59 days over 100°F, compared to zero days over 100°F in 2016 – the official NOAA Hottest Year Ever™. In fact, they haven’t had a 100-degree day in five years.

The Midwestern states of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, and Indiana averaged 100 degrees for the two week period from August 12 to August 26, 1936, but since 1983 they have rarely reached 100 degrees.

During that heat wave, 92% of days in those states were over 90°F, compared to less than 9% last year – the official NOAA Hottest Year Ever™

Summers are getting much cooler in the US and hot days are becoming much less common, but because there are people depending on tens of billions of dollars in climate scam funding, the big lie is being ramped up to spectacular levels. The level of fraud by scientists and journalists is off-scale.

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    David Lewis


    The climate activists are following a simple pattern. This is to ignore everything that doesn’t support their cause. In addition to the heat in the 1930’s, they ignore the Roman and Medieval warm periods.

    As far as researchers publishing to get funding, it is like feeding rats. People with chickens often discover they have a rat problem because in addition to feeding the chickens, they are feeding the rats. If they are careful to make sure the rats can’t get the food, then that population is significantly reduced. The same concept applies to another vermin. If the researchers stop getting funding for their fraudulent articles, that number will be reduced.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The global warming wackos ignore the truth and push for a return to living in caves and sacrifcing virgins and children to their pagan earth deities

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