The Fake Brazilian Temperature Record

NOAA doesn’t have any daily temperature data from Brazil prior to 1944, and very little prior to 1960. The average station record length is only 30 years, and they average less than ten readings per month. Almost all of their Brazilian data is incoherent garbage.

NOAA doesn’t have any long term temperature data from Brazil, and their recent data is nearly worthless, but that doesn’t stop them from making fake maps showing huge amounts of warming in Brazil since 1901.

File:NCDC temperature trend.png – Wikimedia Commons

NOAA and NASA have no daily temperature data from Brazil from 1901. Their maps and graphs are a farce.

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    There is a dearth of historical temperature data for Africa, too,so the Warmists filled that void with fake data.
    Everyone knows that nature hates a vacuum . So why do the climatologistsists suck at their job?

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    David Lewis


    NOAA and NASA are US government departments. Why in the world doesn’t President Trump fire these people for fraud.

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    Why is it that that incomplete , inconsistent temperature measurement data is passed off as credible ? Warmest year from doctored records in the past 50 years . What happened to real science ?
    Lets hope that warming trend continues till Time magazine promotes global cooling again .

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