So how did the California drought end?

Oroville Dam

We were told that the multi-year California drought was caused by humans, fossil fuels and CO2. So how did it end? After all in 2015, this was the standard reportage. Here’s an example from a no doubt solemnly intoned NBC News report:

In parched California, rainfall patterns are essentially the same as they were 120 years ago, but humans have made it warmer and that added heat is driving the state’s crippling drought, according to a new study. Warm temperatures dry out soils and cause precipitation to fall as rain rather than snow, thus reducing annual snowpack essential for irrigation, for example. What snow does fall then melts earlier in the spring.

What we have now is officials scrambling to repair the Oroville Dam, now bursting at the seams with water, in some very undrought-like conditions that nevertheless hasn’t been trumpeted much as the end of the drought. So how did it end?

Shouldn’t the renowned experts such as Al Gore, Jerry Brown and President Obama answer the question?

Maybe reporters can answer since they willingly repeat that CO2 and humans cause all climate conditions.

The correct answer is that the multi-year drought started and ended the way they always have, cyclically and naturally.

Humans can no more control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity than the can the Earth’s orbit or solar activity itself.

This extend well beyond California by the way — it’s actually a national problem.

On Nov. 12, 2009, Gore told the Tonight Show the earth was several million degrees two kilometers below the surface. He was only about 100% off which is as close as most of his predictions. Normally when someone is that far off they are not considered an expert.

The reason Gore and others won’t debate is because they use a computer model instead of facts to support their theory.

I blame the media for the indoctrination and fear mongering because they never ask questions. They call it settled science.

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    The media for the most part are the main promoters of the over exaggerated scary global warming campaign so they have no interest in asking questions . There are some exceptions like Tucker for example but for most why buck a politically correct
    so called planet saving agenda when it serves your business interests and you don’t have to think .
    The real beauties though are the LA Times, NY Times , and Guardian that are drinking so much cool-aid they won’t even publish scientists who know what questions to ask and the uncertainty of a scam built on failed climate models and promoted by
    rent seekers pretending humans are going to control the earths thermostat .
    President Trump is on the right track but Executive Orders are just as easy to reverse .

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    It’s been more than ten years ago that Al Gore and his ilk predicted more violent weather caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels. All bad weather would pinned on us. Now Michael Mann is working on a new theory. Increasing CO2’S concentration makes the atmosphere more stable. The jet streams get into a groove, creating persistent weather patterns, hot or cold, wet or dry. Yup, give him a grant . We need more mayhem, now!

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    David Lewis


    As the article pointed out, many of the bad weather events blamed on man’s emissions are cyclic patterns that have been going on for a long time. In the 1970’s I lived in California during a multi year drought that was followed by very heavy rain causing floods and mud slights.

    As I said in another post, alarmists are poor students of history because history doesn’t support their agenda.

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