Smoking Gun Of Fraud At NOAA

It took about one second with my new software to identify fraud in the handling of the US temperature record. The very first record I looked at showed it.

In NOAA’s adjusted USHCN data set, they mark months which they fabricated data with an “E”. They say that inadequate or no data was available from the station that month.

The station at Brewton, Alabama (USC00011084 or USH00011084) is marked (3203EQ) as missing data for August 1991 with a temperature of 32.93C.

The data is not missing, however. The station averaged 29.84C that month, as seen in both the daily and monthly raw data for that month.  In fact, the station reported daily temperatures on every single day that month.  Scroll the window below to the right to see the eighth month (August.)  Links to the NOAA source data are included in the window below.

USH00011084.FLs.52j.tmax   (Adjusted monthly)
USH0001108411991  1607c    1961     2330e    2690     2895a    3140a    3262e    3203EQ   3130EX   2704EX   1951EX   1849EX
USH00011084.raw.tmax    (Raw monthly)
USH00011084 1991  1558c    1909     2278e    2641     2847a    3096a    3224e    2984 S   2828     2505     1730c    1637
USC00011084.dly  (Daily - all 31 days recorded)
USC00011084199108TMAX 300 0 311 0 317 0 317 0 322 0 317 0 317 0 311 0 311 0 306 0 311 0 300 0 306 0 300 0 261 0 278 0 283 0 300 0 311 0 300 0 294 0 294 0 294 0 283 0 272 0 283 0 294 0 261 0 300 0 306 0 289 0 

NOAA increased the August 1991 temperature at Brewton, Alabama by more than 2C, based on a fake claim that the data was missing – when both of their other data sets (raw monthly and daily) agreed with each other and showed complete sets of data.  A quick scan of the data shows that this is not an isolated incident, as 1992 was even worse.

This replacement of good cool data with warm fake data is being done to almost every single station in the US.

NOAA says their algorithm is working “as designed.”  There is no wiggle room here. NOAA has been caught red-handed. How do think they can get away with this?

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    Computers didn’t fudge the data humans did . Computers don’t go to jail but the humans who did this need to . Wire fraud and and lying to your employer . We need to find out who authorized the creation of fake climate temperature data and who doctored the numbers . This did not happen by accident . $Trillions wasted on man made up climate BS orchestrated to rip off tax payers and transfer $Billions out of the country under false pretences .
    If the FBI has not already started an investigation Congress needs to subpoena those involved in this massive fraud .

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      David Lewis


      We need President Trump to get stronger on this and prosecute these people for fraud. The people committing the fraud are working for Trump and still they get away with it.

      Each time something like this is discussed we need to remind ourselves why it is being done. The only reason to substitute fake data for real data is that the real data doesn’t support the climate change cause.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Some of these NOAA big wigs need to be hauled into court and made to answer for the faked data their producing

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