Sierra Club President Tries To Troll Trump, Ends Up Trolling Obama

The president of the Sierra Club thought he’d send out a tweet about how good the Trump administration was at lying, but he instead ended up making fun of the Obama administration.

Aaron Mair tweeted that the Trump administration’s “diplomatic lying” was “full on Baghdad Bob” — a former Iraqi military leader and politician who’d make outrageous statements at daily press briefings during the Iraq war.

Mair linked to a video titled “Journalist Can’t Contain Laughter As State Dept Claims US Doesn’t Back Coups” posted by the David Pakman Show. There’s just one problem: the video is from 2015 and is making fun of the Obama administration.


 In the 2015 video, Pakman plays a clip of former State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki claiming the U.S. had a longstanding policy of not backing coups.

A couple of Twitter users were quick to point out Mair posted a video of the Obama administration, not the Trump administration.

The Sierra Club is a left-wing environmental group that backed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. The group has opposed virtually every single one of President Donald Trump’s policies, including policies that have nothing to do with the environment.

In January, Mair called Trump a “pure racist bigot” in response to a tweet the president sent in 2014 — two years before he won his election.

Mair tweeted that former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro had “more honor” than Trump after the despot died in November. Mair said Castro “fought for his country,” linking to an article on Trump’s response to Castro’s death.

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    One thing Mair and Trump have in common is they should talk less and listen more .
    Mair’s angry rants are understandable . The earth has a fever industry is going down
    and with it all the cash swirling around they try to vacuum up .
    It’s Ok … won’t be long before the next global cooling scam or some other fund raising vehicle gets hyped .
    Race baiting is also going out of fashion .

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    Spurwing Plover


    The Sierra Clubs grand exhaulted poo poo heads living in big fancy homes they drive gas guzzling limos often and even have their own private leer and gulfstream jets(John Travolta has a 707)and Leonardo DiCaprio has his big big with no solar pannels Robert Redford with his Sundance Ranch sells land to developers opposes fracking and oil drilling while doing TV ads for United Airlines Luarie David likes to yell at SUV drivers from his gas guzzling limo and again DiCaprio flies all over the world in his private jet lecuring everyone on how to stop Global Warming/Climate Change and even Price Charles flies all over the globe blabbering about global warming/climate change

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