Science Says: Seth Is An Idiot

Seth Borenstein says  -20C is hot and the ice is melting fast at that temperature.

Science Says: Fast-melting Arctic sign of bad global warming – ABC News

This is surprising because he also believes the Arctic has been ice-free for five years.

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Recent melt seasons have been cold in the Arctic. Positive anomalies occur in the winter when the ice can’t melt – and have nothing to do with CO2. They are caused by large oscillations in the jet stream which remove cold air from the Arctic and replace it with milder air from the mid-latitudes.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Climate alarmists use the term “science says” when they are lying – which is at least 97% of the time.

Read more at Real Climate Science

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    Spurwing Plover


    Seth Borensten like James Hansen and Bill Nye are idiots who just cant wait for this next big fat pay check to come getting the Useless Nations to endorse the fool and the IPCC and get a trip on one of Greenpest(Greenpeace)shhips and get himself interviewed in SLIME(TIME)MAAGZINE maybe PEOPLE or the NEW YORK SLIMES and appear on some liberal talk show or news program

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