A dozen groups give Gov. Brown failing environmental grade

A coalition of green and public interest groups has published a report that says Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) was living up to his surname: he’s more ‘Brown’ than green.

It accuses him of promoting the use of fossil-fueled power plants, allowing toxic emissions, and not limiting the state’s oil drilling.

The 56-page report, written by 12 groups, pointed out California now gets 60 percent of its electricity from fossil fuel facilities, a jump of seven percent since 2012.

Brown has been an enthusiastic supporter of solar and wind and is considered one of the country’s loudest global warming activists, second to Al Gore.

One reason for the increase in natural gas power plants is the recent five-year drought that officially ended a few months ago.

Many reservoirs didn’t have enough water to power hydroelectric plants, so the state turned to cleaner burning natural gas when permitting new power plants.

Power plant glut?

The report said Brown ‘encouraged’ a glut of power plants that has consumers paying for 20 percent more capacity than they need or will use.

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    Green protesting Brown ? The place needs a big shake .

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    Tough crowd, environmentalists. They’re booing a clown.

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