Putin Stakes Claim for Arctic’s Oil and Gas, Sends Missiles & Troops

putinRussian President Vladimir Putin stakes claim for the Arctic’s oil and gas and is deploying advanced anti aircraft missiles and troops to the disputed territory.

According to Mail Online, Putin is watching over the completion of six new army bases designed to rebuff the foreign competitions for natural resources. It is estimated that the arctic seabed is rich in natural gas and oil.

This year Russia has carried out numerous military drills in the Arctic and plans to do the same next year.

The Inquistr reports that the Russian President has entered into a secret war with northern nations Norway, Canada, and Denmark. All these nations are battling to establish strong hold on the Arctic region to have claim over the natural resources.

As reported by a Russian military source, “hundreds of Russian Military Servicemen” will be stationed in the bases in 2016.

Express confirms that the Russian Defence Ministry plans to build 13 military airfields and launch 10 radar installations in the disputed region. It is also planning to build a network of naval facilities in the region as part of their military strategy till 2020.

Claim over Arctic will be hugely beneficial for Russia as the North Pole has changed over the years due to global warming. Scientists have also claimed that by 2040 the region will be ice-free during the summer. This will shorten the sea voyages between Europe and Asia by up to 2,000 nautical miles and give an access to a new commercial fishing spot.

Experts, on the other hand, are showing concern about Putin’s aggression regarding territorial claims and dastardly tactics.

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