Pundits, environmentalists complain Wallace didn’t ask about climate change at debate

trump-clintonReporters and pundits took to social media last night to complain that Chris Wallace didn’t ask about climate change during last night’s third presidential debate. Even though #Hillary Clinton mentioned it as something she’d fight, an apparent attempt to woo Bernie Sanders’ supporters, Wallace didn’t ask either candidate about global warming.

Paul Krugman of the NY Times tweeted that “It’s really disgraceful” and that “climate change never comes up unless HRC brings it up. Debate moderators have completely failed on the most important issue.” Krugman, like many liberal pundits, thinks global warming and not terrorism is the greatest threat facing our planet.

‘Failure of journalism’

Prior to the #2016 Presidential Debates, environmentalists were relentless in pressuring debate moderators to ask a question about climate change or the #Environment. On the Presidential Debate Commission website, users could even submit questions and then vote on them. Just as in the polls, fighting climate change came in dead last among voter’s concerns.

Even so, the NY Times said this morning the debates were a “failure of journalism” because none of the moderators asked about climate change:

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