President Trump is Going to Hit Some Very Nasty Greenies Where it Really Hurts

trump_campaigningIn my special Donald Trump Victory Edition Delingpole podcast on Thursday, I describe how I’ve been feeling since I heard the happy news.

Like a baby sea otter on MDMA, basically: frolicking and swooping and frisking and diving in the lovely warm, salty water made up entirely of the tears of Hillary voters, greens, and the bien-pensant wankerati.

If you’ve accidentally strayed over here from Buzzfeed, Salon, Slate, or similar, you will probably see this as evidence of my cruel and vindictive personality. On the contrary, I’m saying this stuff because I’m nice and because I care: some really, really nasty pieces of work are going to suffer during the Trump presidency and if you believe in divine retribution then you certainly shouldn’t be sparing any pity for these scum-sucking slime creatures.

When it comes to dealing with people who behave badly and ruin the lives of others, I’m with the Old Testament rather than the New one: don’t turn the other cheek, let alone love them as thyself, but smite them, salt them, and crush them underfoot like the mutant slugs they are.

Nowhere, it seems to me, is the kind of retribution more necessary than in the field of environmentalism.

Let me give you, by way of example, the case of Roger Pielke Jr.

I’ve written about Pielke before.  He’s one of the many scientists who have been bullied, vilified and blacklisted simply for failing to toe the alarmist line.

In a recent blog, he describes how the Center for American Progress, left-wing attack-dog site founded by John Podesta, launched a “multi-year campaign” against him.

“[It] was partially funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, and involved 7 writers at CAP who collectively wrote more than 160 articles about me, trashing my work and my reputation. Over the years, several of those writers moved on to new venues, including The Guardian, Vox and where they continued their campaign focused on creating an evil, cartoon version of me and my research.

Collectively, they were quite successful. The campaign ultimately led to me being investigated by a member of Congress and pushed out of the field.

Motivated by the leaked email, I counted the articles that CAP wrote about me over the years, shown below. To illustrate how significant a figure CAP thought I was — and how absolutely unhinged their campaign was against me — CAP wrote less the 200 articles over the same time period about George W. Bush, president of the United States. I was apparently viewed to be a pretty important guy to warrant all that negative attention!”

If Hillary had won the thugs behind this campaign of intimidation and smearing would soon be at the heart of the new Presidential administration. Do you see what a bullet we just dodged?

And if you don’t ‚Äì gosh, you really did stray over from Buzzfeed, Slate, or Salon, didn’t you? ‚Äì then maybe it’s time you had a look at your moral values.

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    The deliberate planned intimidation of scientist by Democrat activists and bag men
    has been dealt a major setback and hopefully more scientists will now feel free to speak their mind . NASA will be out of the climate forecasting industry and tax payers will just have to suck it up if the estimated global temperature goes up or down half a degree or 1/10 the temperature change from going upstairs or downstairs .
    Global warming ,when it occurs is a really good thing for plants ,trees and certainly the vast majority of sea creatures . Bring it on and if it warms think about all the reduced need for fossil fuels .
    The public has been sold a complete BS story about the earth has a fever complete with Hollywood hypocrite pile on and media to brain washed or willing to show their own ignorance .
    The Trump win is a call to reality and the demise of a globalized transfer of power and wealth . Keep an eye on the back room boys because they will not be happy to see it slip from their grasp after being so close . The good thing is we now know who they are and so does Trump along with his new personal friends the USA Security Services . The bad guys no longer have a free pass .

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