Popular Science: Fossil Fuels Cause Global Cooling And Global Warming

Popular Science reports that humans are overheating the planet and have raised Earth’s temperature to almost 59F.

Don’t believe our planet is warming up? Look at this. | Popular Science

They say fossil fuels cause both global warming and global cooling.

No explanation about what makes evil greenhouse gases decide which one they feel like producing at the present time.

At his testimony to Congress on this date in 1988, NASA’s James Hansen reported that Earth’s temperature was 59.5F, half a degree warmer than Popular Science claim for 2017.

24 Jun 1988, 16 – The Press Democrat

The image below overlays Hansen’s 1988 graph on the current Popular Science graph at the same scale.

A large part of this discrepancy is due to the fact that a few years ago, government climate scientists started fabricating fake ocean temperatures and adding them into their global calculations.


The next image explains the Popular Science hypothesis that humans are to blame for everything.

Apparently, Popular Science didn’t get the memo that government climate scientists decided to get rid of the 1940’s blip.


The 1940’s blip is now completely gone.

graph.png (1130×600)

The next image overlays the current NASA land only graph, on Hansen’s 1988 land only graph. You can see how NASA erased the 1940’s blip and subsequent cooling.

In fact, NASA has massively cooled the entire past to create imaginary global warming.

2001 Version 2017 Version

This isn’t science. It doesn’t in any way resemble science.

The global warming scam is driven by corrupt scientists and their useful idiots in the press, who maintain the standard philosophy of the left that humans are evil and to blame for everything.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Maybe they need to change the name to POPULAR JUNK SCIENCE or POPULAR PYSUSUDO SCIENCE

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    The word “Popular” cancels out the word “Science”. This magazine used to be about whiz-bang gizmos, new technologies, and next generation communication devices,.. coming soon to a store near you. Like so many other flailing magazines, PS it appears, has turned itself over to be a political propaganda piece for the left. One last paid-for gasp before oblivion…

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