Poll: Nearly 3/4 Of Americans Don’t Believe There’s A ’97 Percent Consensus’ On Global Warming

gore_todayAmerican aren’t convinced of the so-called “97 percent” consensus among climate scientists on global warming, and most U.S. adults don’t have “a lot” of trust in climate scientists to give accurate information about the issue.

The Obama administration has repeatedly touted the “97 percent” statistic as proof most climate scientists agree that global warming is man-made, but a new Pew Research poll shows the public still doesn’t agree the consensus is that strong.

“Just 27% of Americans say that ‘almost all’ climate scientists hold human behavior responsible for climate change,” according to Pew’s new poll, published Tuesday.

“Another 35% say more than half of climate scientists agree about this, while an equal share says that about fewer than half (20%) or almost no (15%) scientific experts believe that human behavior is the main contributing factor in climate change,” Pew reported.

One reason belief in the so-called “consensus” is so low among the public is because of media coverage. American adults trust climate scientists even less than the media, according to Pew, so continuous reports about the “97 percent” figure may have some second-guessing its validity.

And skeptical they should be, since the “97 percent” figure has been debunked several times over the past few years. MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen bashed the study behind the claim, calling it “propaganda.”

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    “Climate scientists” and scary global warming promoters have worked very hard to earn a reputation that is worse than lot lizards . People have a keen sense when they are being lied to . Politicians that chose to pump the oh so scary global warming con game should pay attention .
    Prime Minister Photo OP and others that are trying to slime a carbon tax through have all the information to know they would be backing a scam . So no excuse for the “when they knew ” question . The Provinces should tell Photo Op to jam it .
    Obama will never get one approved in the USA and he knows it .

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