Obama’s Energy Plan Will Cost Poor Hundreds Of Billions To Stop 0.019 Degrees Of Global Warming

obama-hillaryPresident Barack Obama’s plan to fight global warming will raise energy prices and drag many low-income Americans into “energy poverty,” according to a new study.

The so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP) would significantly increase the price of electricity in the U.S., and could cost the economy up to $479 billion by 2031, according to a study by the Pacific Research Institute (PRI). The average American’s electricity bill would rise by more than 10 percent as a result of climate regulations that would do nothing to address global warming.

Climate models created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and utilized by the Cato Institute show that it would only prevent an additional 0.019° Celsius of warming by the year 2100, an amount so small it cannot be detected.

“Energy poverty is already burdening too many families in the US,” Dr. Wayne Winegarden, the PRI researcher who authored the study, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The Clean Power Plan will significantly increase electricity costs for all families, but these costs will be more burdensome on lower income families,” he said. “In some neighborhoods average annual expenditures on electricity would be 10 percent, or more, of the average families income.”

The average American’s electric bills have already gone up 10 percent since January 2009, due in part to regulations imposed by Obama and government agencies.

The CPP would force states to develop plans to slash carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from power plants with the goal of reducing emissions by 32 percent by 2030. The plan would probably eliminate most cheap coal power plants and replace them with much more expensive and unreliable sources like solar and wind if it survives current legal challenges. This would further increase the price of electricity, which causes the price of everything made using electricity to also spike, effectively raising the price of almost everything.

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    Given the latest revelations about the Clinton Foundation road to riches
    is there any doubt there isn’t about to be an Obama Foundation to Save The Planet ?
    Obama claims of “climate Change ” being the number 1 threat when it clearly isn’t , could be nothing more than laying the ground work to get a piece of the biggest $$ Billion dollar tax payer rip off in history . Same template just a different whipped up cause .
    Is the issue of Hillary’s missing /deleted E mails about international espionage ? Seems highly unlikely . A Russian conspiracy ? Really ? Russian scape goat perhaps unless the Weiner guy was getting black mailed our was vengeful which seems possible but highly unlikely .
    However E mails that connect a Secretary of State to the activities to a personally affiliated charitable foundation and payments, now that would be a different matter although even that scenario just seems a bit too obvious . After all is greed new ?
    No that seems unlikely to be the show stopper on it’s own .
    Most large scale scams need a cast of trusted supporting characters . If paid government employees were facilitating and actively engaged in carrying out and
    covering illegal activities by for example writing E mails on behalf of people or impersonating a person to commit wire fraud or illegally breaching or having ready access to classified secret documents then some people are in a whole lot of trouble .

    It appears the FBI is trying to do the right thing, at least partially under the circumstances . The timing is as good as it gets for the Democrats unless they thought they had this swept under the carpet . Stick with it FBI ,if you are bullied on this it will not stop .
    There is no way the FBI gives this a fly by or they might as well turn their badges in . Somebody better represent the public interest and it sure isn’t coming from anyone else other than the FBI right now . That in itself is very troubling .
    If Hillary doesn’t get elected and this comes out how many FBI agents are implicated let alone having their own moral compass getting smashed ?
    If she does get elected and it comes out evidence was hidden or withheld by the FBI they will wear it .
    This is not going away and we can only hope justice will be served .

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