Obama Shuts Down DiCaprio’s Anti-Fracking Rhetoric At White House Panel

obama-weekly-addressEnvironmentalists should cool their jets in regards to supporting anti-fracking movements like the “keep it in the ground” movement, President Barack Obama told actor Leonardo DiCaprio Monday at a White House panel.

“If you are a working class family, and dad has to drive 50 miles to get to his job, the most economically important decision for him is to have low prices,” Obama said at an event leading up to the opening of DiCaprio’s latest documentary on global warming.

The president was speaking with climate activist Katharine Hayhoe and the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor at a White House event called, “South By South Lawn.”

“If you start lecturing him about climate change, it just isn’t going to register,” Obama added.

The president was attempting to stifle some of the high-minded rhetoric the Oscar award-winning actor has spewed recently regarding the importance of going green. Obama’s advice to DiCaprio, as well as those in attendance can be summed up thus: be less preachy.

DiCaprio is no stranger to hyped up rhetoric, having spent much of the year at press junkets for his movies blasting what he calls the “corporate greed” associated with the fossil fuel industry. He even praised the anti-pipeline protesters in North Dakota during his comments Monday.

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    The Democrats have given the middle diget to all coal workers and those in the fuel industries . Well except their donator pals that have sucked up $$Billions in tax payer grants and loan guarantees before going bankrupt courtesy of the open season on tax payers thanks to the Obama green shirts pretending to change the climate .
    How do $$Billions in tax payer funds get effectively stolen and the main street media
    are still pumping the tires of this massive fraud . Here is the answer .
    Main street media is a dying industry and they know it . Especially print .
    Revenues have tanked and the quality continues to fall because they can’t keep traditional journalists on the payroll . So what is their proposed solution ?
    You guessed it GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED MEDIA . The President of TORSTAR admitted it this week . The consequence is government paid for leftist propaganda .
    Global warming stories to grease government carbon taxes no problem .
    Just find out what sandbox the government of the day is and play in it .
    That is where we are heading folks and at least the media are now coming out of the closet to admit it . 1933 Germany revisited .

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