Obama Pushes $111.2 BILLION In ‘Midnight’ Regs In 5 Days

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Regulators published $111.2 billion in total costs with $5.7 billion in annual burdens, compared to $71.9 billion in benefits,” writes Dan Goldbeck, a policy analyst at the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF).

“The main drivers of regulatory burdens included a proposed rule on ‘Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications’ and an Affordable Care Act final rule on home health agencies,” Goldbeck reported.

The Department of Transportation “Vehicle-to-Vehicle” rule is the biggest driver of regulatory costs in the last week. That rule alone is expected to cost automakers $109 billion, or about $5 billion a year.

And it’s only the second-most expensive regulation ever published since 2005.

Last-minute Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations also added to the burden. EPA published a rule on “Risk Management Programs” that costs the economy $131.8 million in every year.

“The per capita regulatory burden for 2017 is $381,” Goldbeck noted.

The Obama administration published $123.5 billion worth of new regulations in 2016, according to AAF, and the administration only ramped up its pushing out of last-minute, or “midnight,” regulations to make it as hard as possible for the incoming Trump administration to rollback rules.

President-elect Donald Trump is three days away entering the White House. Trump’s promise to issue a slew of executive orders his first day to reverse Obama’s policies on immigration and energy.

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    Lets get this straight under the Obama watch the national debt doubled beating all former Presidents combined . The world international scene is a train wreck of weak
    foolish policies and the President thinks a warming world is the biggest issue .
    However he did find time to play over 300 rounds of golf ? How many working people average over 35 rounds of golf per year ? How many in ” fly over country ”
    had the time or money to play at least 3 rounds every month on average for 8 straight years ? Yeah Democrats you really represent the little guy . Over 700 people murdered in his home town in 2016 but that golf handicap had to be worked on .
    The Russians didn’t need to hack an illegal server they just got to sit back and watch Democrats self destruct .

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    Simon Ruszczak


    On 17 January 2017, the US Government ( Obama ), gives United Nations Green Climate Fund, $500 million. It’ll be the last they get, Trump will “turn the tap off”.

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