Obama Claims Asthma Sufferers Need Global Warming Regs, That Hurt Asthma Patients

asthmaI’m not sure what the difference between Global Warming and witches is anymore. You can blame anything on both and both were considered the science of the day.

These days shouting Global Warming is as much empty nonsense as shouting, “A witch did it.”

A little reminder of that from the Global Witchfinder-in-Chief

“Obama says climate change first became a personal issue for him when his 16-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital 12 years ago after suffering from an asthma attack.”

It first became an issue for me when I ran out of butter, which like Malia’s asthma had nothing to do with Global Warming.

But I can either blame a witch for stealing all my butter… or blame Global Warming.

“What I can relate to is the fear a parent has, when your 4-year-old daughter comes up to you and says, ‘Daddy, I’m having trouble breathing.’ The fright you feel is terrible,” the president told ABC News in an interview broadcast Wednesday.

And the emotional manipulation is awesome.

“And if we can make sure that our responses to the environment are reducing those incidents, that’s something that I think every parent would wish for,” Mr. Obama said. “And the good news is there are concrete steps we can take to do something about it.”

If only we can defeat Carbon, then we can finally stop asthma, which is not caused by Carbon.

On the other hand, Global Warming regs denied more effective inhalers to people with asthma.

Global Warming doesn’t hurt people with asthma. Global Warming regulations do.

“The Food and Drug Administration has outlawed the only over-the-counter asthma medicine in the U.S. It has also banned a number of other asthma medicines that patients like and that doctors have prescribed for them.

In imposing these prohibitions, the FDA hasn’t denied that the banned asthma medicines are safe and effective for their intended use. (Disclosure: While serving as administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs during President Barack Obama’s first term, I participated in discussions of some issues examined here.)

The FDA is supposed to help patients, not hurt them. Why does it ban asthma medicines?”

If Obama really cared about his daughter’s asthma, maybe he should stop the fearmongering and regulations that hurt asthma patients.