Nobody Is Buying Electric Cars After The Government Slashed Subsidies

Electric car sales plummeted after U.K. politicians cut subsidies in half, according to government figures.

Department for Transport figures show sales of electric cars hit two-year lows in April and June, selling a mere 4,200 plug-in cars during those months. The news comes after the government announced plans last year to extend the availability of electric car subsidies, but cut the amount of cash per-person in half.

Brits purchased 17,500 cars in the three months directly before subsidies were cut.

A total of 66,296 electric cars have taken advantage of the subsidies. The subsidies paid for roughly 25 percent of the cost of a new electric car, up to a maximum of $6,500.

Britain may have problems charging its electric cars, as the government announced it wants to phase out existing coal power over the next 10 to 15 years, which will make replacing lost energy capacity even harder. Closing the country’s remaining 15 coal plants will take a whopping 24,830 megawatts of generational capacity offline, meaning that somewhere between 20.2 percent to 34.6 percent of Britain’s electricity will have to be replaced.

Emergency measures to keep the lights on in the U.K were taken, but official analysis suggests there could still be insufficient electricity. Brownouts and blackouts are already impacting Britain.

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    In the US that nifty $7,500 our generous government gives people buying electric cars comes off the value of the car when you trade it in, zip right off the trade in value. A little know fact that never seems to be discussed.

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