Mike Bloomberg Funds Global Warming Conference Trump Stopped Funding

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s multi-billion-dollar climate change foundation is replacing the EPA as the primary sponsor for a major global warming conference in Colorado.

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and The Climate Registry announced Tuesday that the Bloomberg Philanthropies will sponsor the Climate Leadership Conference. The move is designed to fill the void left after the EPA discontinued sponsoring the conference in 2017.

Bloomberg, a New York billionaire and staunch environmentalist, has crusaded for months against President Donald Trump’s climate policies. He has dumped millions of dollars on grants to organizations that are working to undermine the president’s regulation rollbacks.

New York University used a $6 million grant from Bloomberg earlier this year to create a center helping state attorneys general target the Trump administration’s climate policies.

NYU’s new climate center will use the cash influx to provide AGs with legal services and the money required to pay down court costs on renewable energy, climate, and environmental issues.

The center’s services are open to all AGs, but Democrats such as NY AG Eric Schneiderman, California’s Xavier Becerra, and Frosh, will likely be the lone recipients because they have indicated a willingness to drown the president in lawsuits over his climate policies.

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    Trump tries to drain the swamp and Bloomberg drains his bank account. Things are looking up.
    Pay your own way if you believe.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Bloomberg has financed just about every liberal leftists groups he is like George Soros financing the enemies of our Constitutional rights like Gun Control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Mothers Demand Action he has been in liberal rags like Rolling Stone,Time Etc and even tried to limit the size of soda New Yorkers could enjoy i dont surprise me he financees all sorts of radical groups

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    Bloomberg is free to waste his money on whatever he pleases .
    Most tax payers apparently are not so inclined to follow the earth has a fever promoters .

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