Legal Group Says Elements Inside State Dept Hiding Shady Information About Paris Deal

A conservative legal group said Wednesday that elements within the Trump administration are hiding evidence showing government officials coordinated with outside lobbying groups while negotiating aspects of the Paris agreement on climate change.

Attorneys for the Department of State filed court documents Monday in response to an E&E Legal’s open records request for the agency’s correspondence with lobbying groups. Officials are withholding the information despite President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the nonbinding climate accord.

The agency “sunk to new lows” to withhold and “stonewall the release of crucial documents” regarding the Obama administration’s dogged pursuit of the Paris deal, Matthew Hardin, an attorney for E&E Legal, said in a press statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The move to classify the communication was made more than a year after the documents first appeared, Hardin said, adding that the move was meant to hide from the group and public what he thinks are nefarious aspects of the negotiating process.

E&E Legal also criticized Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for allowing his agency to essentially do former President Barack Obama’s bidding. Obama signed the treaty last year, which obligated the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent within a decade.

Why is Tillerson still “playing such improper games to avoid releasing records which expose the previous Administration’s pursuit of an extreme ‘climate’ treaty, one that the new Administration has expressly rejected,” Hardin added. Tillerson, a former CEO for Exxon, was a supporter of the international treaty and believed it was an effective diplomatic tool.

White House adviser Jared Kushner was also in favor of staying in the agreement nearly 200 nations forged in 2015 to prevent the Earth’s temperature from exceeding 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kushner and Tillerson eventually lost out to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Trump’s strategic adviser, Steve Bannon, both of whom lobbied the president to leave the 194-member deal. Pruitt believed nixing the accord allows Trump to make permanent executive orders rolling back Obama-era climate regulations.

Tillerson, for his part, indicated in March that he would support the deal if Trump could reduce some of the objectives hammered out during the agreement. He told a congressional hearing earlier this month that Trump’s decision to back out did not alter his previous support for the wide-ranging deal.

Chris Horner, a senior attorney with E&E Legal, told reporters in May that, “President Trump should view State’s input here with great suspicion, taking note of its record on this matter.”

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    Gee what a surprise soft enviro lobby target Exxona and their old boss still supports the thing he supported at Exxon .
    Mr . Trump was absolutely correct to pull out of the Paris Pledge which was the most blatant attempt to fleece USA tax payers
    for zero environmental benefit . If this is an example of how Tillerson and Kushner view the global warming fear industry
    it’s time for a change .
    President Trump was right however I wonder whether this has just been put on hold to be reversed again by an executive order .
    I suspect so . Otherwise put it to a vote once and for all .
    Body language from Tillerson says he isn’t on the Presidents team . The son in law has his own visions of grandeur and a Liberal . Wouldn’t trust either one .

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      Jeez, Amber. I’m not done celebrating . Don’t be a party pooper.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The facts is that mnay hard core enviromentalists get themselves jobs in the goverment under a liberal demac-RAT especialy under Slick Willy(Clinton) and Obama the Fink one of slick willies who ran the Dept of the Interior was Bruce(Babbling)Babbit who lead the radical League of Conservation Voters

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