Improving Climate Of The The Northeastern U.S.

The climate of the Northeastern US has improved dramatically since 1970.

Few people remember this, but prior to 1970, the Northeast was in drought most of the time, with the 1960’s being the driest. During the 1960’s the Northeastern US was in drought eight out of ten years.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

I remember visiting my grandparents in new York during the summer of 1965, and they wouldn’t give you water in restaurants. We had drink soft drinks.

02 Jun 1965, 44 – The Press Democrat

The Northeast has very few forest fires now, but they were quite common prior to 1970.

27 Oct 1963, Page 24 – The Courier-Journal


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    And back then we were not hearing anything about the Global Warming poppycock but that like rag TIME was going on about a New Ice Age and Global Cooling as it was lying about Global Warming back in the 1990’s

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