If Only They’d Called Boaty McBoatface ‘Titanic II’…

attenboroughWhispery-voiced, gorilla-hugging Malthusian Sir David Attenborough was on the BBC this morning explaining why the polar research vessel which has just been named after him ‚Äì the one that was supposed to be called Boaty McBoatface till some killjoys intervened ‚Äì will be so vital in the war on climate change.

Actually no.

The best thing this boat could do for the environment would be to hit an iceberg as soon as possible after it leaves shore. The sooner it’s on the ocean floor ‚Äì providing a marvellous ¬£200 million habitat for all manner of marine creatures ‚Äì the sooner it will be unavailable to ferry around activist scientists making mischief with their cherry picked data, politically loaded hypotheses, and insane policy prescriptions.

A good example of this was given by Attenborough himself: the British Antarctic Survey scientists who spotted the hole in the ozone layer and helped effect the worldwide ban in 1996 on CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) ‚Äì used in aerosol cans and refrigerators.

And what was the effect on the ozone layer of this massively intrusive, monumentally expensive piece of meddling global legislation?

It made no difference. The hole stopped growing before the ban took effect, then failed to shrink afterwards. We still can’t be sure that CFCs were the culprit. What we can be sure of is that this well-meaning legislation led to a massive explosion in the use of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) as a substitute. And if you believe experts like US Secretary of State John Kerry, these are a pollutant even more powerful than CFCs because of their deadly greenhouse gas capability, “equivalent to the emissions of 300 coal-fired power plants every year.”

So now, at even more expense, HFCs are going to be banned too. This was decided at a meeting in Kigali, Rwanda last week attended by delegates (and their entourages) from 150 nations. (Luckily they all arrived by bicycle ‚Äì otherwise, just imagine the carbon footprint of all those jets they didn’t take…)

Christopher Booker captures the absurdity and pointlessness of the exercise well:

As usual, of course, the West, led by US Secretary of State John Kerry, is absolutely gung-ho for the ban to be introduced as soon as possible, in not more than five to 10 years.

But, equally inevitably, other countries, led by China and India, say they cannot possibly ban HFCs so quickly, not before 2031. Indeed, as we know, many “developing” countries, again led by China and India, as already the world’s first and third largest CO2 emitters, have made clear that they have every intention of building thousands more coal-fired power stations, which will massively to increase those emissions anyway.

Although it would be sad then to see ¬£200 million of taxpayers’ money to go straight to the bottom after the tragic iceberg collision, the money saved in the wider global economy would be enormous.

And we haven’t even got onto the benefits in the field of “climate change.” With fewer scientists stomping around the Antarctic looking for stories to give to BBC journalists that the case for action on climate change is more urgent than ever before, there will be less pressure on governments to take pointless measures to deal with this non existent problem.

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    Facts – Truth – Transparency – Honesty – Oaths of Office – Statesmanship – Historical Accuracy – or Pier Reviewed, Verifiable Science v Political Religions-

    Is Journalism Dead along with critical thinking?

    Politicians & Their Propaganda Bureau –
    The Progressive, liberal, political press, Has sold the destruction of OUR; 
    Constitutional America, Private Enterprise, Capitalism, Self Determination, Oh and the good old God & Country,¬†The American Flag‚Ķ& it’s Pledge of Allegiance, and
    NO more happy Christians, Jews, & Americans of all Colors, Genders and Faiths –

    The Corrupt‚Ķ.. Americas’ Body Politic,¬†has brought generations of new world order…brainwashed followers¬†(exposed to our educational- common core/socialist indoctrination system),¬†of the new everything is PC for the feel good society, submission‚Ķ‚Ķ¬†by-¬†Stealing Taxpayer Money to Establish ever expanding never re-evaluated or completed programs,that don‚Äôt work & enslave dependent subjects.

    Politicians Buy $$$$$ their Seats — PAY-BACK Elections with our money‚Ķ. insuring their continuing, Power & Control. Politicians take anything we give them..especially their Government Positions & sell it to enrich themselves!

    The Business Entities that Donate/Buy Politicians – get that money from us when we buy their SHIT- Politicians take our Tax Money‚Ķ.&… the Special Interest Money‚Ķ..To Buy Votes & Bribe Us, thus the cycle of Cheating All of US!

    Our Republic‚Ķ. and the Democratic Processes of the last 2 centuries has done much to end organized¬†crime, corruption, and protect citizens from within and afar from oppression.¬†They took an oath to protect and defend the freedoms & liberties of all American Citizens‚Ķ. To best ensure equal Opportunity & Self-Determination……WHILE- Enforcing ALL, local and federal laws. Simple?

    God does not get in the way of, ‘Your Free Will’ ¬†¬†
    God does not force you to Win or Loose or even try!  
    We were given Life….. not the Garden of Eden РWhich is what the Politicians Promise every Election Cycle.

    The ever expanding, American… Big Tax & Regulation Government- ‘Tells you,¬†
    What, How, When and Where to send, Most of РРThe Fruits of Your Labor!   
    GOVERNMENT is horrible AT, and constitutionally not to be producing, consumer products and services. Free enterprise & competition……Capitalism Does it.

    Sorry? but some work really, really hard‚Ķ.are disciplined‚Ķget up early‚Ķwork late etc..etc, They might have more, than you‚Ķ‚Ķor they might fail and loose everything‚Ķ.even their minds‚Ķ‚ĶWE ALL MUST…. keep climbing the¬†
    ‘Ladder of Opportunity’! There will always be a failure, the hungry & cold‚Ķ.¬†all of which are decisive incentives to, Not Want to Be Cold and Hungry!
    One must EARN IT! More Food on the Table? You & The kids, to have a better House a comfortable Life? Seize an opportunity & work it!

    God Doesn’t & The Big Government shouldn’t pick the Winners and Looser’s¬†
    and/or decide what you need to make you happy‚Ķ‚ĶBig Government takes‚Äô from others, then gives it to someone else? Big Government Knows what will keep you happy? NO…. Big Government only, barely maintains the, ‚ÄòDependent Class‚Äô so you will vote for their criminal/lying asses again and again……hoping & following like a bunch a ducks. Big Government = Bigger Government & A Bigger ‚ÄòDependent Class‚Äô

    We are now witnessing the Big, Lawless, Corrupt, & ever Expanding Government creating- crisis of TV doomsday-mystery-distractions, for everyone to drink in as a Religious Zealots’ Dogma. The bullying of the Political Press and the Celebrity Propaganda Machines- want you to believed, that it is your lust for efficient energy that has doomed the Earth with Man Produced (co2).
    Now our children will not have a healthy earth to inherit. Must find another Planet to go to. Mars? Stop Capitalism? Force the World to Buy, Unreliable Power?

    Political abuse of The Public Trust to advance a fabricated World Wide Hoax- for More Control of US & Money for Them!

    Throughout all of time…all of the Doomsday Predictions have been 100% wrong!

    It is now Impossible for young minds to receive a quality education. One of critical thinking and analysis v the PC one. The Corrupt Bully Media only has time for repetitious 30 second, one sided lies. Mankind is taking a big step into the control Box. We will be left there wondering what happened? We Trusted Them? Really?

    -Earth has Dozens of Interrelated/Interactive Influences and Cycles –

    How many times have Politicians referenced and welcomed open discussions with opposing views to the Man Made Global Warming Movement/Religion?

    Has there, ever, been an open & ongoing re-analysis of the original data presented, that started the WALL STREET CARBON CREDIT BUSINESS?

    Computer Models and Trending cannot represent the wealth of existing, expanding and re-evaluated/verified, scientific data. The use of opinion & consensus IS NOT SCIENCE. HELLO EVERYONE – WE NOW HAVE A FORCED GLOBAL HOAX !!! Generated from some specially selected scientific data & fabricated data, then manipulated, to prove that there is Man Made Climate Change.
    “Data- tortured by a computer will confess to anything”

    Construct a Desired; Power/Control Grab, Money Making Scheme- (Outcome), Torture data and fabricate lies with a computer…. Then censor, obstruct, neglect, lie, cheat, threaten, avoid transparency, employ bully Conspirators & the Corrupt Press… then exclude the conflicting scientific methods, then- threaten or destroy the opposition.

    USE THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD- with it’s exhaustive & expensive efforts to:
    Analyze EARTH‚ÄôS COMPLEX; Astrophysics, Geology, Various types of Ocean & Deep Lake Sediments, Ice Cores, Stalagmite/Stalactite, Chemistry Isotopes, Tree Rings, Earth‚Äôs Water Cycles, Sun-Earth-Moon-Solar System & Galaxy Cycles & Wobbles, Plate Tectonics, The 15% of Global Land base Volcanisity and theorize the unknow 85% of Volcanic activity deep in the Oceans….as well as the constant Mid-Ocean Gas venting and Magma Flows.
    Also, Global & Regional, Multiple Interacting Cycles with all of the above. Oops & the Ocean Currents, Atmospheric, BEFORE AND AFTER THE WORLDS INDUSTRIALIZATION ….then – DOCUMENTING, the Cooling & Warming cycles of our planet over the last 400,000 years, applying a appropriate value and level of significance to, EARTH‚ÄôS CLIMATE TODAY….. DA!
    Millions of hours of Scientific research, theories,¬†Peer Reviewed/Verified, TESTED & re-tested & compared with any and all opposing or supporting data and research from around the world…..Then and only then; The corroborated findings are Accepted, until new data can be brought to bare supporting or changing the status of the accepted standard-

    Centuries of documents, observations and measurements from widely varied sources from around the world are presented, for you to compared, with the old and the new measurement technologies, like Satellite & High altitude balloons v Out dated and inaccurate measuring tools and protocols…..
    Ah how inconvenient for the Climate Religion-Carbon Credit Crowd!

    How dare they wast BILLIONS of Dollars on a fabricated human caused-
    At 385 ppmv +/- of co2…have they showed us how they figured out
    how much of that, MAN put into the system? When do we start choking?

    THE COMBUSTION OF FOSSIL FUEL produces heat for GENERATING RELIABLE power production for the survival and advancement of modern societies, around the world.
    co2 is Plant Food…… co2 is an important component for the Modern Worlds… FOOD, RELIABLE ENERGY & Oxygen Supply FOR LIFE ON PLANET EARTH-
    co2 + Photosynthesis + the Water Cycle = LIFE
    EARTH – co2 produced by Man for his existence is NOT a man caused¬†disaster, rather just One (1) single component of one of Earth’s Dynamic Elements that, Cycles in the, Air, Water/Oceans, Rocks, Sediment and other Interacting Systems on OUR PLANET.
    Scientific analysis from multiple research groups, multiple types of strata studied, in many different global locations, along with pier-review and the significant findings that all the various formats support that:
    Over the Millions of years of strata studied……it was shown the When the Global Temperature Rises (which has happened man time over the millions of years reviewed) an Increase of co2 in the global Atmosphere, lags Global Temperature Rise by 400 to 800 years…..

    With one seed of a manipulated sorry, crisis, of a tear laden story…… they can
    launch a billion dollar‚Ķ.money maker for the Politic’s Funders‚Ķ.while the Corrupt Program¬†does not help the intended victims or is ever evaluated or ended. ¬†

    The Political- Government Power Grabs, & the Thousands of installed expensive….Socialist/Ruling Class/Law Writing/Regulation & Cost Producing..Corrupt Bureaucrats!!! have launched thousands of ways to Steal; 
    FROM the American Worker’s, their Employers,¬†and Private Business’s Money. New TAXES, fees,¬†Time, paperwork, IRS audits,¬†harassment, stress, pain and suffering! ¬†¬†STOP BIG GOVERNMENT‚ÄôS GROWTH – THEN SHRINK IT !

    Corrupt Politicians / Their Coordinated Media = the Fabricated Story
    Without transparency or audit. WE ARE FORCED TO ACCEPT, Manufactured/Manipulated Facts, when they want to Capitalize on their Crisis; = Fear РLies РHysteria РLawlessness РUnaccountability РThen suddenly they take over as Jury РJudge & Executioner. 

    A Repetitious Lie ‚Ķ.. becomes the Truth‚Ķ. the New Order of what IS – IS‚Ķ is what you better not object to!¬†YOU MUST AVOID BEING LABLED (threat),….
    A DENIER’ to be silenced, lied about, destroyed, ridiculed, unfunded, or Jailed!

    The Progressive agenda has subverted, lied and stolen from, Our US Treasury, 
    РHe who has the Gold Makes the Rules- 
    in order to enslaved (dependent on big government (GOD) to subsist) and into forced, Political Indoctrination:

    Liberal Colluding Press! + Political Corruption +¬†the Installed Unelected/Unleashed Liberal/Socialist Bureaucrats……heard the US CITIZENS ‚Ķ‚Ķ.we are the countless,¬†powerless, election rigged, american public.¬†

    Liberals / Socialists have Rewritten history, avoid the constitution, and removed 
    the Principles & Foundations of America (Judaea -Christian) and replaced it with, criminal, Lawless corrupt¬†Bureaucrats/Rulers….. Thieves and Liars. ¬†

    We the Taxpayer, Fund our own ‘Self Destruction’ through the use of our tax dollars and with their tenured ¬†Liberal Instructors who Indoctrination/Brain Wash, then continue the control with the Constant Liberal Press Bombardment.

    It’s all constructed to; Indoctrinate, Intimidate, Silence, Destroy or Jail, those with opposing views, & destroy all the competition, along along with our freedoms and liberty.  

    Big Government exists to get bigger, replace God & American Values with their’s,¬†
    ‘In the Progressive/Liberal’s‚Ķ.. Image & Likeness’¬†

    Politicians’ Power has a Guaranteed Control of US ALL
    (as long as there are enough TAX payers to continue to fund the lunacy), 
    The Politician, Places hand selected and vetted, Liberal Friends and the, ‘Unelected Rulers and many other, ‘Haters of America’ who have been purposely infiltrating and corrupting the, ‚ÄúGOVERNMENT FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE‚Äù

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    Well said couldn’t agree more .
    I may be a deplorable to Democrats and the church of global warming but I am not
    a Delusionist . Humans won’t be controlling climate …ever .
    As you point out the global warming hoax is anti-science and a massive fraud . Just look at the rounders pumping the scam .
    More troubling is the liberties taken to erode freedom of speech and basic Constitutional rights . The Usa became one of the best countries in the world because of that freedom and it is increasingly being put under the boot of those who do not want those rights for anyone but themselves . At the core is the outright buying of politicians beholding to hedge funds and billionaire donors .
    People have had enough and it matters not what color or ethnic background over 95 % of the population is under threat and they know it . It won’t last .

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    Paul ,
    One other final thought . The only thing keeping the ruminant’s of democracy and personal freedom afloat is the extension of financial credit .
    The USA is over $$ 19 TRILLION in debt and it is not even discussed in the debates .
    The main street media are in such dire straights the last thing they need is a financial crisis so they pretend the biggest Gorilla in the room isn’t there. The possibility of a 1degree temperature adjustment by some con artists however and the public gets feed a steady steam of anti -science nonsense .
    When the financial debacle hits the fan the global warming con game will be over for good . At some point the debt balloon pops and the USA dollar becomes monopoly money . Then the real serfdom begins .

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