How ‘green’ delegates stay warm at UN Climate Change Conference (VIDEO)

There are acres and acres of inflatable temporary structures at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany.

And even though they won’t let me in to show you what’s inside, I’ll show you what I found on the outside:

Inside the fake complex, the delegates are kept toasty and warm while they find new ways to tax fossil fuels in an effort to fight climate change — but on the outside, it’s cold, and there’s a constant, annoying hum everywhere on the grounds.

I investigated what was making the insufferable whirring noise and you won’t believe what I found when I followed some cords all the way back to the culprit!

h/t to Andrew

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    Funny how the earth has a fever promoters like staying nice and toasty , California is the place they ought to be . Gore , Mini Al ,
    and the pretend Mr. Science all love those Santa Anna winds
    and Malibu beach vibe . They are even prepared to live sitting on top of the San Andreas fault . Maybe they can even blame humans for it too . Could earthquake “offsets ” be far off .

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