How Democrats are using climate change to win the coveted millennial vote

Last Friday, President #Obama urged a boisterous crowd of mostly Florida students to get out and vote Democratic, saying #Climate Change was the number one reason to elect #Hillary Clinton. But despite his entreaties, it’s unclear if the millennial generation even worries that temperatures have gone up less than one degree since 1900. Democrats believe climate change is the defining issue with the smartphone generation and are pushing the matter hard.

Born around 2000, most millennials haven’t experienced any warming due to the well-acknowledged global warming pause. Temperatures went up about 15 months ago due to a strong, naturally occurring El Ni√±o, and are already drifting back to normal thanks to a forecasted La Ni√±a. A La Ni√±a is characterized by cooler-than-average sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean while an El Ni√±o is the exact opposite.

Generating excitement

Analysists think getting millennials to vote will be difficult as climate change isn’t their number one issue, despite Clinton making it a top-tier issue in her campaign. Clinton even trotted out Al Gore to tout the dangers of climate change in the battleground state of Florida. The problem is millennials are more concerned about legalizing marijuana than global warming, according to the recent surveys.

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    Notice how many bored and disinterested people props are feigning interest
    in a guy that can’t stop talking about himself and his legacy .
    – $$20 trillion in debt
    – A half baked medical debacle
    – Scary global warming that doesn’t even register
    in the top 15 things people are concerned about .
    He can always aspire to parley the rubber chicken circuit into
    the massive Clinton Caper funneled through the Clinton Foundation .

    I wonder if Obama explained to the people that the Washington establishment has doubled the USA debt to over $ 20 Trillion dollars under his watch . More than almost all other Presidents combined . Who do they think gets to pick up that tab ?
    That is Obama’s legacy and absolutely nothing comes close .
    So what if it warms a bit just like it has been doing since the current ice age recovery .
    These students are spending big money to get an education and hopefully a good paying interesting job . Warming , while it lasts , is actually a very good thing for life on earth so why paint the false Armageddon nonsense ? The truth is it is a massive overblown scam to make money for politicians and their donor friends . Bird blender subsidies , Solar panel flame outs , and people that can’t pay their heating bills will be the road kill just like in Europe . 30’000 deaths per year from fuel poverty .
    A classic case of the law of the jungle where the strong survive but a sad commentary on greed of some humans .
    Obama was entrusted with two terms and his legacy and it ultimately comes down mainly to two things . After 8 years of Obama and Democrats is the USA better or worse off socially and economically ? The students can determine the truth .
    Students will form their own perspective

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