Has Polar Shift caused Global Warming and Climate Change?

Were the Inuits right when they suggested polar shift has caused global warming and climate change through watching the stars over hundreds of years? Evidence suggests that the poles have shifted dramatically in the last 50 years compared to the last 400 years.

This would affect the Earth’s core temperature due to more centripetal force, and change in torque and angular momentum. If the core temperatures have increased this can be indicated by increasing magma psi.

A warmer core would correspond to a weakened magnetosphere that which explains the high UV even with a grand solar minimum approaching and the increase in cosmic rays. There has been an increase in seismic activity in recent decades as well as an increase in volcanic activity.

This increase does, however, correlate to the increase in population and more people finding and reporting also. The ocean gyres may be affected such as the warm blob and ENSO cycles in the Pacific affecting weather and climate. I was expecting a cool wetter cycle after recent Pacific Decadal Oscillation and recent 2016 El Nino.

The following map shows the weakened Magnetosphere measured by Spaceweather.com:

This weakened Magnetosphere forms the warmed core due to polar shift might help explain the increase in cosmic radiation and depletion of ozone that is also expected to occur with a solar minimum approaching.

The hole in the ozone layer, however, gets bigger in winter over the polar region’s that have low UV suggesting the gases are being grounded by the cold thermal mass of the polar regions more in the winter months.

Stratospheric Radiation chart from Spaceweather.com shows an increase in cosmic radiation that which is due to the solar minimum and/or the weakened magnetosphere.

The increase in cosmic radiation produces more clouds, snow, and rain, water is created in the ionosphere from the interaction of cosmic dust as well as through the process of evaporation.

The Maunder Grand Solar Minimum is supposedly approaching however it is now more like a Dalton Minimum, one would expect as it approaches a Grand Solar Minimum there would not be so many record temperatures being set in 2017, however, there are both record highs and record lows being set.

There has been an increase in seismic activity and volcanic activity recorded in recent decades that which also correlates to increase in population and more people finding and reporting. The seismic and magma psi may also genuinely be increasing as is the case in some volcanoes lava pots.

The increase in volcanism does correlate to the increase in seismic. Most active volcanoes are underwater and 1000s are being discovered and not included on government websites.

Over 80% of active volcanoes would be underwater and geothermal heating is probably what melts the Arctic and Antarctic and is a significant contributor to the overall energy content of the oceans. Magma heats water in excess of 1,000C, the bubbles dissolve under extreme heat and sometimes cannot be seen from the surface.

While the temperature variability in the oceans is significant and one has to question the accuracy of oceanic temperature monitoring there are many graphs that suggest warming of the oceans.

This graph shows more deep sea warming since 1990 than sea surface warming suggesting the submarine volcanoes may be a significant ocean warmer.

Other charts that have been produced validate this ocean warming. This map shows significant deep sea warming 2,000m below sea level.

The continents sit on magma and fracture zones cover the Earth like seams on a baseball. Mid-ocean ridges and rifts fill with magma, in some places it is getting wider whereas other places the plates are pushing together.

There are deep water formations in the Thermohaline circulation. It is suggested significant geothermal heating around the world such as near the Arctic, Greenland to Siberia, South Atlantic, and South Pacific.

Has the ocean gyres changed from polar shift causing changes in ocean cycle?

Given the variability in the oceans, is this chart below an exaggeration of ocean warming? It cannot be CO2 as it has a low-specific heat capacity and concentration, along with water vapor, the main greenhouse gas there are adiabatic lapse rates, low-pressure formation, clouds and rain that have negative forcing on surfaces.

Surfaces and air mass are much warmer in the deserts where dry weather and clear skies high solar radiation and convection heating air mass and creating high-pressure warm fronts that raise air temperatures.

Humidity increases the heat index, not air temperatures, and will actually prevent air temperatures from getting too hot through precipitation.

Sea surface temperatures are naturally higher along the Equatorial where the sun is most direct and intense heat creates evaporation, humidity, and tropical storms.

More significant surface warming in shallow waters such as Indonesia and the Persian Gulf. If the intensity of UV radiation has increased even if sunspot activity has decreased with an apparent grand solar minimum approaching then could this be explained by the apparently weakened magnetosphere due to the core temperature warming from the polar shift?

Increased UV from weakened magnetosphere and increased volcanism and magma psi due to polar shift that raise core temperatures are two likely candidates for any apparent global warming, climate change, and increase in CO2.

There have only been 33 of the 150 above-ground active volcanoes that have been measured for CO2 and the rest are based on assumptions. That is active volcanoes that have coughing fits and tantrums and gases seeping through cracks all around the mountains, not just the main vents.

Also, gases seep through crust over dormant volcanoes that could be half of that of an active volcano. (https://www.livescience.com/40451-volcanic-co2-levels-are-staggering.html)

Recent findings of submarine volcanoes are significant, with literally 1000s of active volcanoes over large areas being discovered and geothermal heat the likely candidate for Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctic ice mass losses.

So why are these discoveries not being acknowledged by the government websites promoting man-made global warming?







Time will tell if seismic, volcanism, and ocean energy content continue to rise from high UV with a weakened magnetosphere and potential magma psi increasing with the polar shift. The continents sit on magma, which is a major heat source. While the future is not set in stone the past is and volcanism is creating islands even to this day.

Surtr is one of the oldest Norsk and Viking beings who is black and comes from the volcanic underworld with a fiery sword brighter than the sun.

Michael Peter Galvin is an unemployed environmental engineer and environmentalist who has worked in a number of environmental professional roles for industry and government and in conservation land management including supervisory roles. He has a degree in environmental engineering land and water management, underwent a Masters in science (environmental management), and certificate 3 in conservation land and water management.

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    I think the Koch Brothers have secretly built a submarine with an ultra-powerful electromagnet to cruise beneath the polar icecap and disrupt the earth’s magnetic flow. ..

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    Spurwing Plover


    So how munch atmopheric contaminates dose Greenpeace produce while sailing all over the globe in the Fossil Fueled ships Arctic Sunrise and Rainbow Warrior II to luanch their annoying little zodiacs and how large are the Carbon Footprints of Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio Maybe 200 football fields

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    The opening line suggests that the Inuits noticed stars shifting positions over the last four hundred years due to “polar shift”, but the author’s talking about magnetic pole shift, which has nothing to do with the positions of the star. After reading this nonsense opener, I stopped reading.

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      I have yet to understand how you can quote yourself as a reference to this piece. I believe you need to look at the source of who wrote this and if the assumptions made are based on science or special interests. This Bio which I pulled off the net summarizes where this person has based his science.

      James Edward Kamis is a Geologist and AAPG member of 41 years and who has always been fascinated by the connection between Geology and Climate. Years of research and observation have convinced him that the Earth’s Heat Flow Engine, which drives the outer crustal plates, is also an important driver of the Earth’s climate.
      He received a BS in Geology from Northern Illinois University in 1973 and an MS in Geology from Idaho State University in 1976.  He is proud to have worked for mining and oil companies that practiced responsible harvesting of materials necessary to sustain human life; Becker Industries, ARCO, Cross Timbers, Texaco, Fina, Union 76, and BTA Oil Producers LLC. He is currently retired.

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      Polar shift is what the Inuits suspect, the geographic poles are related to the celestial north star whereas the Magnetic poles are related to the core, which is of more concern to humans. Even so the Galactic Centre is viewable from the Southern Hemisphere between Sagittarius and Scorpius, a Magnetic compass pointing North is South Seeking, and the first manned photo of the Earth in 1972 showed it to be upside down.

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    Ever wondered why high UV even though a solar minimum approaching? They are saying geoengineering causing depletion of ozone layer, that maybe true however high UV burns ozone, also the holes in the ozone layer are natural grounding of gases from the ionosophere that gets bigger over the polar regions in Winter and smaller in Summer. High UV and high cosmic is an indication of a weakened magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere has weakened from rise in core temperatures due to magnetic polar shift, causing rise in seismic, volcanism and magma psi mainly submarine, effecting ocean gyres, global weather and climate. Both the Suns and Earths Magnetospheres are bigger players in weather and climate than a trace gas. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=

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