Greenpeace Protester Hanging Off Crane In Downtown DC [VIDEO]

Several Greenpeace activists climbed a crane in Washington, D.C., to hang an anti-Donald Trump banner that says “RESIST.”

“We can confirm that this is a Greenpeace action,” Cassady Craighill, a spokesperson for Greenpeace, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday morning.

At least four protesters appear to be hanging from a construction crane in Northwest D.C. in protest of President Donald Trump entering the Oval Office. The incident took place on 15th St. between L and M Streets. Some of these streets were blocked.

“The sun has risen this morning on a new America, but it isn’t Donald Trump’s,” Pearl Robinson, one of the activists who unfurled the banner, told WUSA 9. “I fear not only the policies of the incoming administration, but also the people emboldened by this election to commit acts of violence and hate. Now is the time to resist.”

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    Leave them up there let them freeze.

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    “Resist” sounds like a political activist group paid for by Democrat bag men and not a none profit tax deductible charity .
    Send in the IRS and charge them for visual pollution and trespass .
    Patrick Moore (a Green Peace founder ) quit Greenpeace because of it’s political activist business disguised as green .

    Green Peace is just a big business .

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