Gov. Brown neglected fixing Oroville dam, but found money for illegals, high-speed train

Aerial view of spillway. Click to enlarge.

Despite repeated warnings about a systemic failure of California’s Oroville dam, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is coming under new fire for not fixing the concrete spillway over costs despite multiple warnings.

Now the spillway is falling apart and more rains are coming. The dam provides water to one of the largest farming communities as well as local residents.

Brown, however, did find billions of dollars to spend on his high-speed train and illegal immigrants.

He even hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to fight Trump’s policy agenda for the princely sum of $25,000 a month.

Now Brown is asking the same administration for federal assistance despite declaring war with the White House on everything from sanctuary cities to global warming to the temporary travel ban.

Critics say Brown’s priorities are misplaced and he’s doing what he’s always done for decades: Being an obstructionist.

Crumbling infrastructure

For years Brown has blamed the California drought on climate change, using the natural phenomenon to push draconian global warming regulations.

But scientists have written numerous studies showing the drought wasn’t unusual and there have been longer dry spells in the past.

Brown, however, maintained it was man’s fault. And his supporters have reiterated the governor couldn’t have predicted the disastrous rain and snowfall across the state.

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    Simon Ruszczak


    You get what you vote for, the USA voted for shit.

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    Well California sure did Simon .
    Brown is suffering from global warming hysteria brain freeze .
    He does however do a commendable job encouraging economic development in Texas .

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    David Lewis


    The more I think about it the more steamed I get about California giving illegal aliens free college tuition. Our family with others has made this nation what it is. For our family this includes fighting and dieing in its wars, and building wealth with the industry. We have contribute to farming, lumber, railroad, sonar, the space shuttle, space telescope, GPS technology, and every Boeing commercial plane currently in production. Yet, with this background my youngest daughter is struggling to pay back her student loans. On the other hand, illegals and their families have done nothing, absolutely nothing to build this country and they were being given a free ride. That is the one of the corner stones of liberal/progressive philosophy. Take from those who have earned it to give to those who have not.

    This is one of the hidden agendas of the climate change movement. There is a desire to redistribute the wealth of industrial nations to the developing nations. Yet, not even liberal governments of Europe will buy into this as a stand alone idea. The plan is to use climate change to justify transferring the wealth. Even though extreme weather events are not increasing, they use them to claim the developed nations are harming the less developed and therefore own them a huge debt. Currently it is supposed to be 100 billion a year and the developing nations are claiming to need 300 billion a year. Fortunately we have Trump for President and none of this will come from the US.

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      Failed Jesuit and federal criminal and earned legacy political criminal Jerry ( cherry ) brown ( nose ).
      He has brought upon himself what he deserves.
      The state of California doesn’t deserve.
      But, the people of California deserve for putting their trust in this leftist extremist jerk.

      And the idiot demands federal help when he is in violation and in criminally indictable under federal.

      Is he, himself claiming to be a ” wetback ” and ergo innocent ?

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