Gore says Hillary may lose election if voters choose Green Party candidate

goreFormer Vice President Al Gore told the leftwing site Think Progress that a vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein could cost #Hillary Clinton the election. Gore also urged environmental voters not to be taken in by Stein’s green appeal. Currently, Stein is getting about 5 percent of the vote nationally when her name is included in polling.

After refusing to endorse Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention or even attend the ceremony, Gore finally relented and said he would be voting for her in a series of tweets. He acknowledged to Think Progress that climate voters should put aside their “misgivings” about selecting Clinton as it could cost her the election. Gore said the stakes are just too high.

Clinton vs Trump

Currently, polls show Hillary and Trump neck and neck in many states, but Trump is still behind her in key, electoral-rich states. Trump only began running TV ads this week, so whether he sees a bump from this recent endeavor won’t show up in the polls for at least a week. Gore also said in the interview that by voting for Jill Stein, they could inadvertently hand the election over to Trump.

Known as one-issue voters, some people will only vote for candidates that they see as positive for the environment, regardless of any negative trustworthy or honesty issues. Known as “climate voters,” Gore said it could upset her chances to win if they vote for Stein, as it cost him the election to George W. Bush in 2000. Enough Green Party votes were siphoned away from the tally where Gore lost key battleground states, specifically Florida.

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