Glaciers Disappearing During NASA’s Coldest Years On record

One of the most popular claims made by climate alarmists is that retreating glaciers are evidence of global warming.

This claim is utter nonsense – glaciers have been retreating for 20,000 years (when Chicago was under a mile of ice) and glaciers were rapidly retreating during NASA’s official coldest years on record.

16 Aug 1902 – Alpine Glaciers Disappearing. – Trove

23 Sep 1922 – WORLD GROWING WARMER. – Trove

graph.png (1130×600)

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    Spurwing Plover


    and there were no SUV’s few cars and no Al Bore,Leonardo DiCaprio no Greenpeace and the Audubon Society cared more about Birds instead this climate poppycock

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    David Lewis


    Alarmists using receding glaciers to further their cause is part of an over pattern. They often take something that has happened before or has been happening continuously and treated it as if it were a new event, a disaster, and reason to make sacrifices to reduce emissions.

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    I remember years ago a segment on the People’s Canadian Broadcast Corporation. A reporter stood on the gravel bed below a receding glacier, implying that the glacier should be here, not up there. I thought who is he to say? If the glacier was calving icebergs daily, why was that preferable? Someday it might be, if climate changes like it always has.

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