Freezing flood waters trap 23 cars in Nova Scotia parking lot

It could take until Monday before a parking lot in downtown Antigonish, N.S., is cleaned up following a flash flood and freeze that trapped 23 cars in solid ice Friday night.

To free the vehicles, workers with the town of Antigonish’s public works department are using a loader, backhoe, sidewalk-plowing machine and manual labor to chip them out. Once the vehicles are free, they’re being towed away.

“We couldn’t remove them last night, we had to wait until this morning to try to get them out,” said Antigonish chief administrative officer Jeff Lawrence.

All of Nova Scotia was under a flash freeze warning on Friday. Prior to the flood and freeze, Stephen Jewkes, who co-owns the Antigonish 5¢ to $1 store located in front of the parking lot, said it had been raining heavily.

“It happened so quickly that people weren’t able to get to their vehicles. There were probably 20-plus vehicles that were stranded,” said Jewkes.

He said at about 6 p.m. AT, the river that runs about 200 meters behind his store flooded the parking lot within 10 minutes. Water rose more than a meter on the lot and vehicles were trapped.

“This is the highest I’ve seen it since I was a kid. In the last 30 years, I don’t remember having seen the water come in as high. What was sort of unusual in this circumstance was how fast it came in,” Jewkes said.

“It looks like there was pretty significant damage to many of those cars that were stuck,” Jewkes said.

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