France To Ban All Oil And Gas Drilling By 2040

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday an immediate ban on all new oil and gas exploration leases that will eventually morph into a total ban on drilling by 2040.

Macron’s new announcement dovetails with his previous plan to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2040. France is not a major global oil producer, only pumping around 15,000 barrels of oil per day.

France already has a ban on oil and gas operations that use hydraulic fracturing, a well-stimulation technique that’s unleashed an energy boom in the U.S. Macron opposed fracking on the campaign trail.

Macron is trying to take a leading role in the fight against global warming, recently holding his own climate summit in Paris. Macron also offered to fund U.S. climate scientists who would relocate to France.

Though, without the U.S. backing global warming efforts, Macron found few countries willing to ante up and give money to the United Nations Green Climate Fund.

In terms of actual policy, however, Macron has aggressively pushed an anti-fossil and nuclear fuel agenda.

Macron also wants to ban all oil and gasoline cars by 2040, and he planned to phase out half of France’s nuclear power capacity in the next eight years — though his cabinet scaled back those plans somewhat.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Looks like the french chicken want to get a pat on the back from those nit-wits from Greenpeace More stupidity based on Junk Science and Politics

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    The modern spelling of idiot …. Macron .
    How utterly shocking … sun spot activity is .. well ZERO and our
    little green and blue planet is going to have a lot more white .
    Wouldn’t this be an ideal exit strategy for the MSM to distance themselves from the biggest fraud in history ? Nah, they are way to invested so a double down can be expected till their printing presses freeze and fuel poverty deaths crack 100,000 per year in Europe .
    A cooling earth is a killing earth . Let’s see how the residents of France feel about being held to fuel ransom as their dim whit bans the fuel to heat . They are going to love having those nukes .

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