FORECAST: Expect ‘January Thaw’ To Be Blamed On Global Warming

Veteran meteorologist Roy Spencer has a prediction about the upcoming “thaw” in temperatures along the U.S. East Coast — it’ll be spun to hype man-made global warming.

Forecasts show temperatures along the U.S. eastern seaboard warming up later in the week, with temperatures reaching the high 50s. Nashville is expected to hit 63 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, forecasters predict.

The “January thaw” comes after most of the eastern U.S. experienced one of the coldest starts to the new year on record. Some scientists have blamed the cold snap on global warming, and Spencer thinks that could spill over into the upcoming “thaw.”

“And before you believe that warmth in January is unusual, ‘January thaws’ are a routine phenomenon, too, which is why the term was coined,” Spencer wrote on his personal blog.

Indeed, “January thaws” are nothing new. Spencer pointed to the Glossary of Meteorology, which says:

The daily temperature averages at Boston, computed for the years 1873 to 1952, show a well-marked peak on 20-23 January; the same peak occurs in the daily temperatures of Washington, D.C., and New York City. Statistical tests show a high probability that it is a real singularity. The January thaw is associated with the frequent occurrence on the above-mentioned dates of southerly winds on the back side of an anticyclone off the southeastern United States.

The recent cold snap and “bomb cyclone” reignited the global warming debate. Many media outlets and scientists pushed “explainer” pieces about how cold winter weather did not disprove man-made global warming.

Others went even further to argue the cold weather and winter storms are a product of global warming, though there’s no agreement among scientists that warming is behind cold snaps.

“Such claims make no sense and are inconsistent with observations and the best science,” said University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass. “The frequency of cold waves have decreased during the past fifty years, not increased. That alone shows that such claims are baseless.”

Spencer thinks the upcoming “January thaw” will be no different. He said those sounding the alarm on global warming would argue it’s “unusual” for January to be that warm — it is winter after all!

“Nevertheless, the weird-weather-is-climate-change narrative will continue until the populace finally agrees with the warmongers that we can control our weather through taxation and regulation,” Spencer wrote.

Regardless, the upcoming “thaw” isn’t expected to last very long. Weather models show the “thaw” will give way to colder temperatures by Friday, bringing the East Coast back in line with usual winter weather by next Monday.

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    Skeptic Denier
    …in the 90’s by
    Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. John Christy.
    ….Global Warming will cease to exist around 2000 as the Earth returns to its cyclical fall in temps. into the next ice age.
    How’s that working out for them??
    came the thousands of press releases about a GLOBAL WARMING PAUSE.
    Kinda like filling in the blanks waiting for the ice age?
    came the thousands of press releases about a GLOBAL WARMING HIATUS.
    Kinda like filling in the blanks with nothing but a Name Change.
    came the thousands of press releases about a GLOBAL COOLING.

    Then they pronounce a SOLAR MINIMUM was about to hit in 2007-2009

    Look out snow in summer
    ….except, of course, temperatures continued CLIMB !!

    Now we are hearing about a NEW SOLAR MINIMUM….
    what’s the old cheer?
    ” We want another one just like the other one”
    A new Solar minimum is coming….a new ice age, terrible cold
    …. BOOOO !
    CROW !
    “The UAH’s Dr. Roy Spencer & Dr. John Christy?
    —both leading deniers?
    —both having predicted that Global Warming would End
    around 2000 as the Earth would return to its falling temps.
    as we enter the next Glaciation.
    —reported just last month that the UAH data
    shows a
    “Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978 [of] +0.12 C [0.22F] per decade.”
    NO PAUSE !
    No Pause !
    No Hiatus !
    sure as hell,
    > > NO COOLING !
    sure as hell there is no cooling !
    Dr. SPENCER:
    “my UAH cohort & boss John Christy, who does the detailed matching between satellites, is pretty convinced that the RSS data is undergoing
    because RSS is still using the old NOAA-15 satellite which has a decaying orbit…”
    While every one else corrected the errors in sat. data thru mathematics…
    Spencer & Christ found it ” ideologically convenient ” to allow the decay inaccuracies to support their previous predictions.
    2014 was the hottest temperatures ever recorded
    2015 was the hottest temperatures ever recorded
    2016 was the hottest temperatures ever recorded
    2017 was the hottest 2nd only to 2016 !


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