Fake Maps Spread on Social Media, Warning of Hurricane Irma Hitting Houston

This is a real weather map forecast.

Meteorologists are warning about fake weather maps that are spreading on social media, potentially causing unnecessary alarm about Hurricane Irma hitting the Texas coast.

One such map, showing a falsified storm model, was shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook.

“Beware of #FakeNews! Some trolls are creating incorrect maps that show Hurricane Irma moving toward Houston,” local meteorologist Mike Iscovitz warned his followers on Facebook.

None of the current models show Irma as a threat to Texas.

For the latest information on Hurricane Irma, stay tuned to Fox News Channel and also look for information from the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service.

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    Spurwing Plover


    If you can realy beleive anything from the talking heads and faked weather maps I mean CNN is lies nothing but lies

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    Well-adjusted people hope Hurricane Irma fails to hit American soil. Twisted trolls hope oil-rich Texas gets pummeled over and over.
    I suspect Warmists are hoping for the worst. It would suit their political agenda.

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