Fact checking Al Gore’s first climate rally in hurricane-ravaged Florida

gore-clintonFormer Vice President Al Gore rallied yesterday with #Hillary Clinton to young Miami voters about #Climate Change, even as attendees seemed more engaged with their smartphones than the so-called risks from a global climate apocalypse.

Clinton rope-a-doped Gore into hitting the campaign trail despite their decades-long ‘cold war.’ Clinton is hoping to scoop up Bernie Sanders’ supporters thinking of voting for Green party candidate Jill Stein but weary of Clinton’s climate creds.

Clinton knows that millennials are generally more worried about global warming, except anyone born after 1998 hasn’t experienced any statistical warming. Those who were too young to remember Gore’s 2000 run don’t recall the circumstances behind his failed presidential bid. Gore’s other goal was to give the mostly Miami Dade College crowd a history lesson about losing an election by 500 votes because people voted for Ralph Nader.

“Take it from me it was a very close election,” Gore said. That prompted some to cheer “You won.” He didn’t. Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, too, plus a host of other traditionally blue states.

This is the first time Gore has come out to rally during #Election 2016, and sources close to Clinton’s campaign said he would only do it if he could focus on the so-called “climate crisis.” He sat out the convention and gave a tepid endorsement of Clinton on Twitter.

Treating the truth like taffy

Gore said there has been a three-inch sea level rise since 1992 when Hurricane Andrew struck Florida. But tidal gauges and satellite altimeters show only a sea level rise of 1.2 mm per year. That would be about 28 mm since 1992, or 1.1 inches. He was off nearly 300 percent.

Gore also brought up the unique phenomenon in Miami that allow “fish from the ocean to swim on the streets of Miami-Dade and Delray, Ft. Lauderdale.” But that assertion has no basis in fact, wrote the Miami Herald when President Obama made the same claim.

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