Dumping “Farce” Paris Accord Right Decision, Writes Basel Daily: “Donald Trump Is Right”

The Swiss online Basler Zeitung (BaZ) writes that critics of Donald Trump are wrong with their apocalyptic hype and exaggerations surrounding the President’s rejection of the Paris climate accord.

Worthless Accord

The BaZ writes that Trump is right because the Paris Accord is “a document that has gone off track in every way” and that it is an accord “soaking with hatred of the West” and makes “grotesque, empty promises” to developing countries.

The BaZ commentary calls the Paris Accord as a whole a “paper without value” because it contains no legally binding obligations and only includes toothless “intended nationally determined contributions” (INDCs), which means each country can determine on its own how much CO2 it intends to cut back on, without any enforcement mechanisms.

“A farce”

The BaZ commentary slams the Paris Accord for allowing China and India to continue emitting as usual until 2030, and then only gradually cutting back thereafter. It goes on to say that the commitments pledged by some of the industrial countries would be “fully unrealistic to achieve” and that it makes the accord “a farce”.

It won’t have in any way, as scientists at MIT […] have already calculated, any effects. Even if all 195 countries fulfilled what they said they would and achieved all their INDCs, the temperature would rise perhaps 1.9 to 2.6°C by 2050 and maybe 3.1 to 5.2°C by 2100. […] In fact the accord sought to limit the rise to ‘significantly’ less than 2°C. […] According to the MIT – and depending on the numbers used – the planet would warm up a whole 0.2°C less if the Paris Accord was adhered to.”

“Disrupts a circle of elitists”

The BaZ opinion then reminds readers how the science is filled with uncertainty and involves complex computer simulations, and what is really going on is that Donald Trump is massively disrupting a “circle of elitists”. The BaZ comments further:

Things were so wonderful at the conferences and global summits – until that elephant smashed everything that was in his way. China in the china cabinet? No, he simply stamped out all the hot air. (Basler Zeitung)”

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