DiCaprio asked to resign his U.N. climate change post amid growing scandals

dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio, who premiered his new #Climate Change documentary Before the Flood in London, has been asked to step down from his position at the United Nations and return the millions of dollars allegedly stolen from the Malaysian people and channeled into his environmental foundation.

The Swiss rainforest charity Bruno Manser Fund, which fights for the conservation of tropical rainforests and the rights of Malaysian rainforest dwellers, is pressuring the actor to step down and return the money. At a news conference over the weekend, the Fund’s director said the financial scandal DiCaprio’s embroiled in makes him unfit to be a U.N. Messenger of Peace for climate change.

DiCaprio is purported to have gotten millions of embezzled dollars from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, called 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, for starring in and producing The Wolf of Wall Street, a film about an unscrupulous Wall Street trader. The Department of Justice (DOJ) says the movie was funded in part by stolen Malaysian money routed to shell companies like Red Granite, which was co-founded by Riza Aziz, the stepson of the Malaysian prime minister. Red Granite co-produced The Wolf of Wall Street movie.

Another player is Jho Low, a Malaysian businessman, a person of interest by the DOJ and Malaysian authorities. Low and his cohorts allegedly used the money to finance movies, purchase high-end properties in the U.S., and throw lavish fundraisers for Hollywood’s elite.

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    What is it about the earth has a fever industry that is such a magnet to criminals ?
    Creepy Climate Clowns flourish in direct correlation to government grants ,laundered money , and carbon taxes to rip off people . Meanwhile the earth is getting greener.
    Well at least until the proof from satellite photos are “adjusted” by government bureaucrats .
    Who would have thought that mann made greenhouse buildings add CO2 to increase plant growth and it also happens in the real world ? Who Knew ?
    The Creepy Climate Clowns need a new game plan fast . They are making way to many people laugh .

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