Coolest Central European September In Years…Heavy Snowfall Forecast For The Alps This Week!

Germany’s DWD national weather service has the preliminary September 2017 report out. According to the result of the data measured by the country’s 2000 weather stations, last month was cooler than normal.

September 2017 in Germany saw a mean temperature of 12.7°C, which was 4.2°C cooler than last year’s record warm September (16.9°C). This means that the month came in 0.8°C colder than the 1981-2010 mean.

September in Central Europe was also cloudier and wetter than normal. The cool, autumn-like weather was caused by low-pressure systems pumping cool air from northern Europe.

The DWD also reports some regions in Germany saw frost, for example, Deutschneudorf-Brüderwiese recorded a temperature -1.5°C on the morning of September 19.

Austria sees coolest September in 10 years

Also, Austria’s ZAMG national weather service reported that September in the mountainous country recorded the coldest September in 10 years and that in the mountains it was even the coldest in over 15 years. The following ZAMG chart shows the country’s temperature anomaly from the mean:

Kühlster September seit zehn Jahren

Temperature anomaly chart for Austria, September 2017. Source: ZAMG.

Austria’s preliminary September data is based on measurements taken at 270 stations scattered across the country using SPARTACUS.

Austria’s September 2017 is summed up by the ZAMB in three words: cool, rainy and dreary. The mean temperature was 1.5°C below the long-term mean and was the coolest since 2007.

New snowfall records in Austria

ZAMG climatologist Alexander Orlik reported:

There were also some new record snowfalls. For example, at the Villacher Alpe, 2140 meters above sea level, it was the snowiest September since snowfall measurements began in 1925. Over the month some 78 cm of fresh snow fell.”

Cool weather, heavy snow forecast for early October

The colder temperatures are expected to continue through early October, according to Schneefan at climate and weather site here, citing meteociel. The following meteociel chart depicts the projection for October 2017.

According to meteociel on September 28, cold weather is projected to dominate Central and Eastern Europe in October (850 hPa – approx. 1500 m). Source:

The US GFS also confirms this cool projection.

Heavy snowfall forecast for the Alps

Finally, Schneefan writes that “heavy snowfall is forecast for the week ahead across Austria and Switzerland!”

Up to 1 meter a new snow (orange/yellow) in the Alps of Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland over the coming week. Source:

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