Climate Science Bi-Polar Disorder

In 1973, George Kukla and the National Science Foundation forecast global cooling and a new ice age. They cited increased ice and snow in the Arctic as evidence.

15 Jul 1973, Page 200 – The Pittsburgh Press at

In 1981, George Kukla and the National Science Foundation forecast global warming and melting polar ice caps. They cited decreased ice in the Antarctic as evidence.

19 Oct 1981, 5 – The Tampa Tribune at

As the IPCC reported in 1990, Arctic and Antarctic trends go opposite each other. Arctic ice increased from 1973 to 1981, and Antarctic ice decreased during that same period.

Kukla ignored the increase in Arctic ice in his 1981 study, just as climate scientists now ignore the increase in Antarctic ice since 1981.

S_05_extent_anomaly_plot_hires_v3.0.png (1260×720)

The one thing constant in climate science is that climate scientists will say whatever is required to obtain funding and they will cherry-pick their data as necessary. What they are doing has absolutely nothing to do with science.

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    That same liberal rag TIME was going on about Global Cooling and a New Ice Age back 40 years ago and so was the now defunked liberal rag Newsweek and in mocking TIME magazine dumb commercial TIME LIES instead of TIME FLIES

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