Climate Criminal Heidi Cullen Back With More Summer Heat Fraud

No matter how many times Heidi Cullen gets called out for her blatant attempts to deceive the American people about climate, she returns with more fraud. Like this claim that US summers are getting hotter.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

Before data tampering, NOAA data shows that US summer temperatures have plummeted over the past century, and that Heidi Cullen cherry picked her 1970 start date to create a fake warming trend.

But this story gets much worse. Heidi is using massively tampered USHCN adjusted temperatures to create her fake warming trend since 1970. The raw data shows no warming since 1970.

Even the adjusted data shows cooling from 1930 to 1990. Heidi’s cherry picking fraud is quite spectacular.

And the crooks at NOAA adjust 1970 summer maximum temperatures downwards by three degrees relative recent temperatures.

Her scam depends on using massively tampered data with a cherry picked start date. Ten years ago, Heidi Cullen called for decertification of meteorologists who refused to go along with her fraud.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

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    Spurwing Plover


    Heidi Cueeln just another watermellon(Green on outside red inside)force all weathermen to abide by a lie(Global Warming)or we’ll pull your plug a typical liberal and socialist

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    Thank you for posting the last graphic that displays the heinous evil nature of Heidi Cullen. I recall that it had happened when she was at TWC but forgotten when it was that she tried to run all the bona fide meteorologists off of TV news across the country.

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