Climate Confusion Merges With Sea Turtle Gender Confusion

Climate scientists say global warming threatens sea turtle populations, by generating large numbers of females.

Climate change turns green sea turtle eggs female, NOAA scientists say – The Washington Post

The level of stupidity in this claim is breathtaking. Turtles have been around for 220 million years. Turtles evolved and prospered during times when Earth’s temperature was 15C higher than the present.

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But the real stupidity is not recognizing that large numbers of females would lead to an increase in population, not a decrease.

One male can impregnate huge numbers of females, but females are much more limited in their ability to parent offspring. A large female/male ratio is the fastest way to increase the population.

China has reduced population growth by intentionally creating a low female/male ratio. China understood that 100 women can produce ~100 babies, and 200 women can produce ~200 babies.

Not surprising that climate scientists would come up with this nonsense.  They were the kid who couldn’t get a date in high school.

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    Spurwing Plover


    More of this poppycock bull twaddle from the Washington Compost who like the rest of the Lie a Day news just reports the usial lies we get everyday from the New York Pravda and CNN the Fake News Network


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    70 years or more of scientist’s “say” and not one “say” matches present reality. I say it is past time for a change of “scientists”.

    “With hopeful news on global warming being such a rarity, it’s worth a few minutes to consider one of the more prominent recent retreats from total gloom.”

    “holding the line on Earth’s rising temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius” “in fact possible.”

    Leading scientists say the G7’s decarbonization goal may be too little too late considering the pace at which greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet.

    What we’re seeing is the veritable tip of the iceberg,” says Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth Systems

    Hurricane Irma Made Worse by Climate Change, Scientists …

    Scientists say it is yet another sign of the changing climate, and that it has good and bad consequences for the nation

    newly-released Global Methane Budget published Monday — part of an effort by 100 international scientists to understand just how much methane is rising, and why.

    Scientists Say Climate Change May Make Chocolate …

    Climate scientists say likelihood of extreme summers …

    Arctic climate change being felt farther south, scientists say

    What Scientists Say A Warming Climate Might Mean For …

    Climate change wasn’t responsible for Harvey, Irma or California’s heat wave and wildfires. But global warming made them worse, scientists say.

    Human influence “extremely likely” to be dominant cause of warming in last 70 years, U.S. climate report finds

    Climate scientists weigh in on how the apocalypse is likely to occur.

    Climate scientists say global warming threatens sea turtle populations, by generating large numbers of females.

    And this unusual biological quirk, scientists say,

    Climate Change is Shrinking Winter in the U.S

    95% of active climate researchers actively publishing climate papers endorse the consensus position.

    The science is clear. Global warming is happening. We are the primary cause

    2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say …

    A new report from hundreds of experts and more than a dozen federal agencies is stark:

    California Drought Is Made Worse by Global Warming …

    Without action on climate change, say goodbye to polar bears……..


    They were right about one thing. Say goodbye to the polar bear.

    Moving Forward “Climate Change” is now “Climate Crisis” And more Climate Confusion Merged With Sea Turtle Gender Confusion to add confusion to all the baseless climate confusion shoveled out daily. Progression, now replacing the polar bear with the green sea turtle as the iconic pitiful victim of Climate Scam.

    See: Climate scientist say (add BS here)….


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      I enjoyed that, Gerry.
      One that I don’t expect to read : Scientists say that efforts to mitigate global warming have been a success. The global average temperature shows signs of retreat. The climate crisis is over.


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    In the movie “Jurassic Park”, they cloned all of the dinosaurs as female. Their story had to do this, otherwise they could not make a sequel. Had the dinosaurs been made all male, there would be no way for the species to propagate.

    The authors of this so-called “study” are stupid beyond belief. Can’t recall when I have read such utter drivel and BS in my life.


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