Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes

Calls to punish global warming skepticism as a criminal offense have surged in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but it hasn’t discouraged climate scientists like Judith Curry.

A retired Georgia Tech professor, she argued on her Climate Etc. website that Irma, which hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday, was fueled in large part by “very weak” wind shear and that the hurricane intensified despite Atlantic Ocean temperatures that weren’t unusually warm.

That is the kind of talk that could get policymakers who heed her research hauled before the justice system if some of those in the climate change movement have their way.

“Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

The suggestion that those who run afoul of the climate change consensus, in particular, government officials, should face charges comes with temperatures flaring over the link between hurricanes and greenhouse gas emissions.

“In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable,” said the subhead in the Outline article, written by Brian Merchant.

Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, posted last week on Twitter a set of “climate disaster response rules,” the third of which was to “put officials who reject science in jail.”

Climate skeptics have taken note of the alarming trend. “Ever since Hurricane Harvey, the global warming-hurricane hysteria has ratcheted up to levels I haven’t seen since 2006,” said Ms. Curry.

Anthony Watts, who runs the Watts Up With That blog, listed some of the threats to criminalize skeptics under the headline, “Hate on Display — climate activists go bonkers over #Irma and non-existent climate connection.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said the heightened vitriol aimed at those who dispute the link between climate change and extreme weather events is a sign that the global warming narrative is losing steam with the public and policymakers.

“Activists have been frustrated with the record number of polar bears, no acceleration of sea level, the Pause, no trends or declining trends in extreme weather and the public’s apathy,” said Mr. Morano, whose book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” is slated to be released in February.

“Trump has added to all of that, and we are now seeing them blow their gaskets in frustration,” he said.

Given the heated exchanges fueled by the two hurricanes, the climate change debate is clearly far from resolved.

President Trump has said he plans to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, drawing an outcry from those who argue that rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are driving higher temperatures and natural disasters such as drought, wildfires, and hurricanes.

“The effects of climate change are no longer subtle. We are seeing them play out before us here and now. And they will only worsen if we fail to act,” said a Sept. 7 op-ed in The Washington Post co-authored by Penn State climatologist Michael E. Mann.

White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert deflected questions at a Monday press briefing about whether Harvey and Irma were caused or made worse by human-driven climate change, saying that “causality is outside of my ability to analyze right now.”

“I will tell you that we continue to take seriously the climate change, not the cause of it, but the things that we observe,” Mr. Bossert said. “And so there’s rising floodwaters — I think 1 inch every 10 years in Tampa — things that would require prudent mitigation measures.”

Meanwhile, Pope Francis said the two Category 4 storms offer proof of catastrophic climate change, even though they are the first two major hurricanes to make landfall on the U.S. mainland in 12 years.

“You can see the effects of climate change with your own eyes, and scientists tell us clearly the way forward,” said the pontiff, adding that leaders have a “moral responsibility” to take action.

An analysis by Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach found that the latest hurricanes weren’t unprecedented in terms of their power upon making landfall in the U.S.

His chart showed that Irma made landfall in Florida at 929 mb, or millibars, tying it for the seventh most powerful storm to hit the mainland since record-keeping began in the 1850s.

In Texas, Hurricane Harvey ranked 17th at 938 mb, placing it in a three-way tie with a 1898 Georgia hurricane and Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

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    And now will Climate Change Skeptics be brought in front of the ICC or a tribunal consisting of AL BORE,LIARNADO DiCRAPIO,LUARIE DUMBVID,BILL LIE(NYE)JOTHID FLURRY and three eco-wacks sressed as a Condor and Polarbear and a fish and send the skeptics to concentration camps/gulags it seems were getting in the way of their paychecks and popitical agendas

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    Mark Hertsgaard needs to formally file charges against somebody (anybody) for “Climate Denialism”. Mark, you already have a 97% consensus of the best and brightest so getting a conviction should be a lock. Oh ya. Easy peasy.

    Hey! “murder is murder” … “we should punish it as such.” Oh ya! Just think of all the facts that could be revealed about deniers screwing up the Progressive political agenda…….. errr no. No. AAhhh, deniers are causing bad weather! And that’s murder. Guillotine!

    Please. Do it Mark! We won’t laugh.

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    They can eat my shorts….

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    Climate Hawks just another liberal group of World Govemrnent under the Useless Nations no betttig then Greenpeace,NRDC,Sierra Ckub Center for Biological Diversity and Earth Justice

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    This reveals much about the climate left. If they had all things their way, ANYONE who disagrees with them would be punished. Their ultimate goal is to establish a left-wing totalitarian state.

    Funny how those promoting totalitarianism always assume they will be immune from its brutalities…

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