Caitlyn Jenner Says Obama’s Paris Climate Deal Was Created To Ruin US Economy

Caitlyn Jenner said Friday that the Paris agreement on climate change transferred U.S. taxpayer money to other countries that should be used to help military veterans.

“I am all for getting out of the Paris accord,” Jenner told an audience at the College Republican National Committee’s summer convention. “Let’s give it to the military. Let’s fix the vets.”

Jenner made the comments during a question and answer session Friday that was closed to press.  A College Republican group in Virginia captured a video of the former Olympian’s remarks and posted it on Facebook Live.

“I just think the Paris accord was just a way for the rest of the world to kind of ruin us economically,” Jenner said, referring to the climate agreement former President Barack Obama helped negotiate. “To me, it was all about transfer of wealth — get it out of the United States and give it to other countries.”

Jenner, a life-long Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump, also railed against economic regulations, excessive spending, and the scope and size of the federal government.

“We went from $9 trillion to almost $20 trillion worth of debt. That ruined our economy, so we cannot continue to do that. We have to keep our economy very strong,” Jenner added. “I want to unleash the American entrepreneur as best we can, with the least amount of restrictions, to find solutions for a lot of the issues that we have.”

The transgender activist has not always been so closely aligned with Trump or his policies.

Jenner’s comments at the dinner come after the Trump administration moved in February to reverse Obama’s order mandating schools allow transgender students to use whichever restrooms they want. The order allowed states and/or individual schools to make those decisions.

Trump said during his presidential campaign that he would allow Jenner, or any transgender person, to use whichever bathroom they wanted at any of his properties. The president’s choice to remove the issue from the national level upset Jenner, who called it “a disaster”

“I have a message to the trans-kids of America: You’re winning,” Jenner said in a video posted to Instagram the day after Trump announced his decision. “I know it doesn’t feel like it today, or every day, but you’re winning. Pretty soon we’re going to win full freedom nationwide and it’s going to be with bipartisan support.”

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    Spurwing Plover


    The Paris Accord just like the Kyoto Treaty the ban on DDT and liberal enviromental regulations are based upon Junk Science and fabricated data

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    Caitlyn is unqualified to have valid opinions.
    Where is the proof, Caitlyn, that CO2 is causing climate change?
    Put up or shut up.

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    Well, there you have it… Undeniable scientific proof that we’re all doomed if we don’t surrender our Constitutional rights and express mail our economy to a bunch of ne’er-do-well socialists with a Dr. Evil complex.

    Or maybe it’s just all that exogenous estrogen talking…

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    Bruce knew he was over the hill. Caitlin is the comeback. Suddenly the world needs to know what it thinks.

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