America’s Hottest July 4 – 1911

It was so hot on July 4, 1911, that people were committing suicide to escape the heat.

04 Jul 1911, Page 1 – The Scranton Republican

More than one-third of US HCN stations were over 100F on July 4, 1911. The four hottest July 4th’s were 1911, 1936, 1901 and 1934.

The frequency of 100-degree weather on July 4th has dropped over the last century, with 100-degree weather becoming quite rare since CO2 hit 350 PPM in 1988.

For the entire year, the frequency of hot weather has dropped even more sharply. Ninety degree days are much less common than they were a century ago.

One hundred degree days are also becoming much less common.

One hundred degree temperatures reached coast to coast on July 4, 1911.

Most of the stations in Maine reached 102 degrees on that date. Massachusetts reached 106 degrees.

Almost the entire Midwest was over 100 degrees.

Compare vs. 2016 (the official hottest year eve) when there was very little hot weather in the US.

Meanwhile, we are being bombarded with endless lies about heatwaves. As with all things climate, the press is reporting the exact opposite of what is occurring.

Simultaneous Widespread Global Heat Waves Are the New Norm – Pacific Standard

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    They will ignore this truth to push forward with their goals of reducing America to a miserble 3rd World Exitence cut all land to the public Except for those wealthy eco-freaks(Greenpeace,NRDC,EDF,Etc) and their big time supporters and donators like DiCaprio,David and Gore just to name a few

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