Alarmist Hypocrisy On Linking Hurricanes To Global Warming?

matthewHurricane Matthew pummeled the U.S. Atlantic coast this week and some scientists and liberal pundits are already linking the storm to global warming after spending the winter smacking down skeptics.

When the inevitable blizzard strikes the East Coast, scientists and environmentalists pop up to warn the public against skeptics who argue winter storms disprove global warming.

But when a hurricane rolls around, those same folks come out of the woodwork to claim such storms are harbingers of things to come as the world warms from human activities.

Hurricane Matthew is no exception.

“Hurricane Matthew is super strong — because of climate change,” Joe Romm, the climate editor at ThinkProgress, recently wrote.

The Huffington Post claimed Matthew “is a reminder of climate change’s potential to turn seasonal weather events into extreme, year-round threats.”

Liberal blogs Slate and Grist have run pieces claiming major hurricanes, like Matthew, shouldn’t be appearing in October. Global warming is the only explanation for it, they claim.

These same publications attacked Republicans who cited winter 2014’s “Polar Vortex” as a major hole in predictions of catastrophic global warming. ThinkProgress, for example, hit Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe for arguing “freezing temperatures across the country to explain climate change science is both ‘laughable’ and rigged.”

The White House even got involved. President Obama’s science czar John Holdren put out a video arguing the “polar vortex” didn’t disprove global warming — in fact, the freezing winter was caused by global warming, he argued.

“If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells like the one we’re having in the United States now disprove global warming, don’t believe it,” Holdren said in a 2014 White House video. “The fact is that no single weather episode can either prove or disprove global climate change.”

“On our current path of unrestricted carbon pollution, NOAA researchers have determined that parts of the East Coast would see Sandy-level storm surges every year by mid-century,” Romm wrote.

“[W]e’re fairly certain that, whether we see more or fewer tropical cyclones, we will see more intense hurricanes and super-typhoons, like Katrina, and Sandy and Haiyan and Patricia and now Matthew,” Penn State University climate scientist Michael Mann told HuffPo.

Such claims are especially interesting because they are just that: claims. It will be decades before scientists can verify if global warming has, or will continue to, make storms more powerful.

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    18 apparently killed related to the Matthew storm and about 200 people murdered on average every week in the USA . How does the President of the USA arrive at the conclusion the weather is the most urgent #1 priority ? Giving away $$billions in never to be repaid loans to now bankrupt “renewable ” donor pals wouldn’t have anything to do with it would it ?
    On a day to day basis citizens have bigger concerns than some BS about the planet having a fever .
    Scams like scary global warming are kept alive in part because of USA spending using unlimited never to be repaid borrowed money .
    Can’t wait to see those solar powered aircraft carriers made from Chinese steel .
    Does the USA enjoy being laughed at ?

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      Mark Matthews


      Well said Amber. I just can’t understand this scam is still going on and governments all over the world are using it for redistribution of wealth.

      A harmless trace gas (97 % comes from nature, 3 % from man) is blamed for global warming that has paused for over 19 years. It is just ridiculous to base policies on models that have never once coincided with reality.

      Nothing so far has refuted natural variabilty as the cause. Governments and those in charge need to be held accountable for their mismanagement and culpability. Where did all the billions go with the failed solar companies bankruptcies? Thin air.

      Stop making decent people feel guilty for a lie made by conmen (we know who you are).

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        Of course,
        The MSM and their mudslinging and
        Politically correct and
        Racist cabal
        have nothing whatsoever to do with this

        JUST LIKE

        Obvious Muslim terrorism
        has nothing to do with

        Is ANYONE
        That stupid that they would believe anything

        The MSM promulgates ?!

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          Apparently there are minions that stupid.

          How else could democrats be elected in the USA ?

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