2016: Hottest Year Ever (TM)

Experts say that 2016 was the hottest year ever™.

During July and August last year, maximum temperatures at Oklahoma City averaged 13 degrees cooler in 2016 than they did in 1936. Every day except one was cooler than 1936.

On August 2, 1930, twenty-five states were over 100 degrees. AL AR AZ CA CO IA IL IN KS KY LA MI MN MO MS MT ND NE NM OH OK SD TN TX VA

On August 2, 1955, twenty-four states were over 100 degrees. AZ CA CO IA ID KS MN MO MT ND NE NJ NV NY OK SD TX UT VA WY

August 2, 2016 (hottest year ever™), was much cooler with only 14 states over 100F. AZ CA CO KS LA MS MT NE NM NV OK TX UT WY

August 2nd afternoon temperatures have plummeted in the US since 1930.

However, minimum temperatures have increased, mostly since 1990.

This is likely due to UHI effects including asphalt, irrigation, and air conditioning. When I ride my bicycle out of open space and into a neighborhood on a still summer night, I immediately notice a sharp increase in temperature.

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    Spurwing Plover


    And its true that the experts(In the minds of liberal media scumball’s)said they would never replace the horse man would never fly we would never reach space and back in the 1970’s the wackos were predicting a dead planet Ehrlich and his Population Bomb was a dud and Gore said that ice caps would all be gone by now

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      And mind you all lot of that came from religion!!!!!!! LMAO!!! Now pretty much all of it came from religion since AGW\ACC is pretty much the same!

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    David Lewis


    The eco extremists have a very poor knowledge of history out of necessity. History does not support their agenda.

    His more history that I have posted many times on this site. The warmest three years in the last hundred years were all cooler than 87% of the years in the last ten thousand years.

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