Trump’s top environmentalist says greens should deal with urgent issues, not climate

The heavily polluted Flint River in Flint, Mich.

The heavily polluted Flint River in Flint, Mich.

One of #Donald Trump‘s top environmental advisors has a message for anxious green groups: Relax. Ed Russo, who has worked for Trump since 2001 as an environmental consultant, has been getting calls since Trump won the election. The greens are worried Trump will undo all the executive #Climate Change orders passed by President Obama. Russo said in an interview that his advice to Big Green is to “Roll up your sleeves and go back to work. Deal with practical environmental solutions.”

Russo said that Trump will likely be one of the strongest environmental presidents because he cares deeply about the #Environment. In early 2016, Russo published a book on his dealings as a Trump environmental consultant called “Donald J. Trump: An Environmental Hero.” That’s because, Russo recalled, Trump gave him a lot of leeway in turning major development projects into sustainable projects. And he has no problem crediting many of his achievements to Trump, saying the real estate magnate was the genesis for many of his ideas.

Environmental hero or nightmare?

The book, which starting seeing movement after Trump won the election, is forcing many environmentalists’ preconceptions to view the newly elected president in a new light. The book showcases how at every major project, Trump went above and beyond what was required by existing environmental laws. Russo said Trump is not the “environmental nightmare” many on the left are trying to portray him as; as proof, Russo tells nervous greens that Trump is a champion of clean air and drinking water and to look at his record.

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    The Environmental Industrial Complex cares little about the environment and more about green washing what ever junk they are selling .
    When people like Patrick Moore a founder of Green Peace disavows global warming fear mongering and a growing list of scientists that are no longer career dependant on pumping scary global warming hysteria insist on returning to the scientific method the jig is up .
    The field of climate change is in it’s infancy and needs dedicated scientists not bull shit artists selling out for promoters and politicians .
    Mr. Trump knows the truth and people are watching to see if he honors his commitments . Achieving tangible improvements to the environment
    is doable without pandering to an overblown scam .
    Tax payers are getting ripped off, funds are misappropriated and even the world outside the USA know it to . Making America Great Again involves getting rid of all the BS that made it UN .. Great .
    Drain Away Mr . Trump . The Scary Global Warming hoax is an easy one .

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