March to Silence: Shots Fired on Earth Day 2017

On Earth Day (4-22-2017), late at night after a parade, someone did a drive-by shooting, firing seven (count ’em ‚Äì 7 casings found) at the 4th floor of National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) building at UAH where a specific climate scientist works. It is no coincidence that Dr. Spencer is a skeptic about the popular notion that we puny humans are responsible for, and bear the entire burden of guilt for, a natural occurrence that is showing distinct signs of changing.

I am quoting Dr. Spencer here: “When some people cannot argue facts, they resort to violence to get their way.”

The article is a relay of those events at UAH to WUWT, plus a link to Dr. Spencer’s blog.

This is not science at work. It is mob violence and political terrorism, the lowest form of behavior modern humans can engage in.

You may also be interested in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s self-aggrandizing efforts in another article on WUWT, labeling elected ‘science deniers’ as a threat to democracy. Now since he makes such a generalized statement, it means that anyone who does not follow the diktats prescribed by the Noisy Few (like Tyson) are people who should be viewed with suspicion.

I’m really not sure what he means by ‘science deniers’, because he isn’t rattling on about physics or genetics or chemistry. No, he zooms in on the buzzword “climate”, as it is the current bone of contention.  Like Bill Nye, the not-so-scientific Science Guy, he grabs the spotlight whenever he can. Tyson tried to dictate the terms that define a planet, and failed, as his dethronement of Pluto was rescinded by the IAU when that august body declared Pluto (with 4 satellites) and Ceres both as dwarf planets.  It must have hurt.

In a democracy, all views are allowed to be heard. People like Tyson and Nye and Mann refuse to acknowledge this aspect. It represents a threat to their finances and their public status.

We can agree to disagree on something without trying to destroy each other in the process, but they don’t want this. In their perfect worlds, only their views are allowed to be heard.

If our tax money is to go into research to provide answers to the puzzles this planet presents to us, and it does go there, then denying an opposing view, or attempting to use an unrelated law to prosecute those who have the opposing view is Lysenkoism at its worst.  It is not science at work.  It is politics.

Social media may be a waste of time in many respects, but in this case, without this near-instantaneous relay of this drive-by shooting, which was not reported in the press, we would not have a clue about what is really happening with the surging hordes of the Crazypants protesters. I did look at still shots of the Earth Day marchers and saw several wearing those pink pussy hats. What do those idiotic separatist symbols have to do with Earth Day?


Dr. Spencer is correct: the protesters frequently cannot even articulate their angst or viewpoint when confronted or questioned. Their response is, instead, a resort to mob violence.  Are we to submit to mindless executions and destruction if we refuse to knuckle under to the lies of dictatorships?

That is not what science is about.  Refusing to even allow the notion of a different point of view is as Medieval as you can get.  This is NOT the era of Galileo and Pope Urban VIII.

We must stay alert.


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    Spurwing Plover


    Never forget the facts that the Discovory Channel Hostage Taker was a radical enviromentalism the Unibomber was inspired by Al Gores junk science book EARTH IN THE BALANCE and he also read LIVE WILD OR DIE he lived in a tiny little shack and commuted mostly by bicycle and was anti-technology

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    In addition to the righteous outrage to the violence, take note:

    The socialist eco-left has AGAIN changed the narrative of their cause. what once was man-made GLOBAL WARMING morphed into CLIMATE CHANGE when the global warming facts didn’t pan out for the left. Now that reasonable people understand that the climate is always changing and CO2 is not a pollutant that regulates global temperatures, the left has shifted to “SCIENCE DENIAL” as their new focus.

    This is rich as the only people trying to censor scientific diversity of thought and open debate are the same leftists promoting the new meme.

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    Also, note the “Blue Fist” poster attached to this OP…

    For anyone still believing this is all about “science”, note how the socialist movement here in Wisconsin has adopted this image as their Soviet-style political poster icon. (see link)

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    Stacy K. Williams


    I am the artist of the little poster you used for this article’s picture. Respectfully, I ask you to please take it off this site.

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