Greenpeace Shocked: China Is Putting Another $150 Billion Into Coal Power

kerryChina is building another $150 billion worth of coal power plants despite repeated promises to reduce coal use, according to a Wednesday statement by the environmental group Greenpeace.

Greenpeace claims China is “wastefully” building another 200 gigawatts of coal power over the next five years, effectively breaking the country’s pledges to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

China pledged in 2014 to stop its CO2 emission increases by 2030 and then to get the emissions to gradually fall. The country reiterated its previous pledges last June, making it much easier for President Barack Obama to secure a United Nations climate deal in Paris last December. The construction of new coal power plants, however, will make China’s pledge effectively impossible to keep.

China’s total coal power capacity grew by 7.8 percent in 2015 to 990 gigawatts, while energy consumption only increased by 0.5 percent, according to the country’s National Energy Administration. Consumption of coal in China has already grown by a factor of three from 2000 to 2013. Of the over 2,400 coal-fired power plants under construction or being planned around the world, 1,171 plants will be built in China.

China consumes approximately half of all coal used worldwide and gets roughly 66 percent of its electricity from coal, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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    Greenpeace shocked at China coal use expansion ? They may not be happy but I doubt they are that naïve . Kill jobs in North America . Export them to China and increase pollution . What is shocking about that . Keep up the good work Greenpeace and good luck vandalizing Chinese historical sites . No free pass like some countries .

    It is time politicians quit being such pussies and start defending the citizens they claim to represent .

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